Bitfinex Launches Trading with Futures on SegWit2x Fork and Announces new Ticker Symbol

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As the first exchange to addess SegWit2x, Bitfinex explained how it would deal with the upcoming hard fork; legacy Bitcoin will keep the ticker symbol BTC while the SegWit2x coin will get the symbol B2X. At the same time, Bitfinex launched the trading futures for the two bitcoins which might be a product of the fork.

With SegWit2x a relevant group of Bitcoin companies plans to activate a 2MB hard fork at block 494,784. The companies agreed to pull through this fork in New York, which is why the agreement is known as the New York Agreement (NYA).

The goal of the NYA was to overcome the stagnation in Bitcoin and to reunite the community. For this, the companies agreed to combine SegWit – demanded by “small blockers” – with a small increase in the base block size – demanded by “big blockers.” After SegWit was successfully activated on August 1, the second part is scheduled to happen after around 5500 blocks, which comes to about 38 days.

Other than SegWit the increase of the block size limit requires a hard fork. Even if the NYA was able to get around 95 percent

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