Digital media marketplace faces serious changes. The industry as we know it will be completely transformed within the years to come. The BitImage innovative solution has been developed to solve the current pain points of the industry. This product is going to satisfy the needs of both users and authors of the digital content. Thus, it will improve the industry and solve the top issues.

Top 4 Innovations That BitImage Introduces

Modern media stock is full of issues and hidden pitfalls. With the rapid development of the whole IT industry, it definitely needs new standards and approaches to be implemented as soon as possible. The main aim of the BitImage team was to transform the main principles of the digital media industry.

  1. Decentralized Content Licensing

The collaboration within the BitImage system is ensured by creating smart contracts. A smart contract is a piece of code that stores all the details of the agreement. The rights of both parties are stored in it as well. The innovative thing is that the contract is executed in the blockchain distributed database. Thus, no information can be changed after the deal is made.

This allows authors and customers to build a trustworthy partnership. The parties have the real proof of all the transactions made and can be sure no fraud takes place within the system.

By implementing blockchain technologies into the process, BitImage solves the following issues:

  • content property ownership
  • confirmation of the purchase
  • content misuse
  1. The Use Of Cryptocurrency

Besides the hyped blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency is also implemented into the system. The BitImage users can make financial transactions using cryptocurrency. This type of transactions helps to fulfill the following tasks:

  • reducing digital content costs
  • instant money saving
  • no-boundaries cooperation
  • full-time availability
  1. Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and the technologies related to this topic have shaken our world. The AI-based software may still seem to be a bit mysterious and unpredictable for some people, but such solutions have great capabilities and potential. BitImage developers have enhanced the functionality of the product with AI.

Thanks to it, the following issues are solved:

  • long content validation process
  • human factor errors
  • lack of comprehensive information analysis
  • time-consuming content search.
  1. Custom Content Ordering

Along with a powerful functionality and cutting-edge technologies implemented, BitImage suggests another useful feature. None of the existing media exchange platforms has the on-demand content creating feature and BitImage comes to deal with this problem.

The on-demand content creating will save users from:

  • too much time spent searching for desired content
  • stock content that doesn’t cater to specific business needs

BitImage Pre-Sale

As you can see, BitImage is the solution to the issues media stock users have been experiencing for many years.

The BitImage team created 10,000,000,000 BitImage tokens (BIM). It is planned that more than a half of them will be sold in two defined rounds:

  • presale
  • crowdsale

And the presale has already started! The team announced the beginning of the official presale on April, 26 ending on May, 24.

During the active BIM presale phase, potential customers need to be aware of the following:

  • the attractive bonus is available – 30%
  • the price of 1 ETH is 169,000 BIM.

The unsold tokens will go to public sale. A public sale will offer the lower bonus conditions.

The IT enthusiasts have started to actively buy BIM as such opportunity is one of a kind. Just in a few weeks, the price will rise, so waste no time considering your options.

How can you take advantage of the BitImage presale?

  • create a cryptocurrency wallet
  • buy ETH
  • read and accept the BitImage terms and conditions
  • send your ETH to the address we provide
  • get the BIM you have acquired immediately.


BitImage has a great potential and amazing capabilities. Participation in presale is an investment that will pay off and create a great basis for the future business development in the digital media industry.

Images courtesy of BitImage

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