Bitcoin is not completely anonymous, but also not visible to anyone – behind addresses, the users are hidden by pseudonyms, which only create a certain degree of privacy. If you want to increase your privacy, you can use so-called Coin-Mixers. But with, a long-time Bitcoin mixer closes its doors.

Announcement on

On Sunday evening, announced on the site to discontinue its service. He also explained his motivations:

“Hi guys!

Although we are really making big profits, we are doing our business. Let me explain why.

I am a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2011. When we created the service, I was convinced that every Bitcoin user has a natural right to privacy. I was completely wrong. I now understand that Bitcoin was made to be transparent and non-anonymous. The blockchain is a large, open book. I believe Bitcoin has a great future without black market transactions. If you want to buy grass, take Dash or Zerocoin. Not Bitcoin.

I hope our decision makes the Bitcoin ecosystem cleaner and more transparent. I hope our competitors will hear our message and close their services as well. Very soon this type of service will be considered illegal in most countries.

Bitmixer.IO “

Due to the polar opposites – absolute anonymity back then, transparency today – other users responded confused to bitcointalk. Some read in the short document a hidden warning to other Coin mixers. In particular, the passage “Very soon this type of service will be considered illegal in most countries” was a bit bitter.

Other users, on the other hand, could not understand the sudden change of meaning. Dealers trading with euro or US dollars would not stop their activities just because illegal currency transactions were made with this currency.

The response to these voices followed with another short message:

“It was a very hard decision. It was particularly hard since this business brought me huge profits. But we never looked at governmental pressure or legal consequences, that is my own decision. I really believe in a clean and transparent Bitcoin. I am really pleased that Bitcoin is accepted as a legal payment medium in several countries. I would never have thought it possible in 2011. “

Whether it is a sudden inspiration, or the surrender to new projects – we do not know it and other assumptions seem pointless. Bitmixer is a bit of the Bitcoin ecosystem, but Coin mixers remain a sought-after service in Cryptoworld.

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