And they still exist, the hefty price increases in the crypto market. While Bitcoin stumbles aimlessly aside and Ethereum and Ripple move for second place, an underdog gets talked about: the BitTorrent token.

Since the release of the first BitTorrent token (BTT) via Airdrop and ICO, the BitTorrent token has registered a hefty rush.

The price of the BitTorrent Token (BTT), just does not want to stop rising. It is now almost ten times (995% increase) as high as the ICO a week ago. On January 28, 59.8 billion BTTs were sold for $ 0.00012 each through Binance. Now the price, according to CoinMarketCap (CMC) is already at a whopping $ 0.001170. In the last 24 hours alone, the token has experienced a price increase of 62.5%.

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However, CoinMarketCap has not yet been able to assign a clear ranking to the token as it has not yet calculated its market capitalization because of its virginity. However, looking at the trading volume ($ 581,824,033) makes it clear that BTT will be a place in the top 100 sure. However, one should not forget that freshly listed tokens always have an increased trading volume.

Even with the token sale, the strong demand was noticeable. In just a few minutes, all tokens were sold out. Due to strong demand, Binance faced technical problems, so some users did not even have the opportunity to participate in the sale. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron and BitTorrent, therefore initiated an Airdrop of 5,000 BTT each, for all interested parties.

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