Blockchain: Why a Trust-Less System is the Most Trustable System in the World

When it comes to most technologies, we know about the basic functions they perform. But, a sizeable portion of users scarcely express any interest in understanding the technology at play. For example – when we talk about sending an email, we all know that the data we send is received by the recipient unless the transfer fails, which leaves us with the obvious option of clicking the “Retry” button. But how many of us know about the various protocols and the technicalities involved?

Similar is the case with Blockchain. We all know that the data is immutable, transparent and the entire system is very tough to hack. But how many of us know the reason why Blockchain is so secure? Now let’s try and understand some of the features that make Blockchain an extremely secure option of storing your data.

In today’s world, as the number of cyber-attacks is constantly on the rise, security is paramount as most of our data is digitally stored. The most noteworthy feature that makes Blockchain secure is that it

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