BoundlessPay is a trailblazing digital banking platform dedicated to seamlessly integrating traditional finance with the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. By creating a unified financial ecosystem, BoundlessPay aims to make managing both fiat and digital currencies effortless and secure for users around the globe. This innovation is crucial as it offers a reliable bridge between conventional banking and the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market, ensuring users can navigate both worlds with ease and confidence.


BoundlessPay is set to launch its $BPay token Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP), aimed at ensuring fair distribution of its tokens. The public sale will release up to 37,500,000 tokens (3.75% of the total supply) from the public round allocation. All proceeds from this sale will be directed toward providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

The primary goal of the LBP is to prevent early large investors from monopolizing the sale. This approach ensures that a wider audience can access the tokens, promoting a more decentralized and equitable distribution. This strategy aligns with BoundlessPay’s core values and its long-term vision of making digital banking solutions inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Fjord Foundry

To kick off this initiative, BoundlessPay has chosen Fjord Foundry, a platform renowned for its innovative token launch and liquidity solutions, to host the initial phase of the LBP. The $BPay token LBP on Fjord Foundry will begin on June 24th. By partnering with Fjord Foundry, BoundlessPay aims to enhance the transparency and fairness of its token distribution, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch. This collaboration marks an important step in BoundlessPay’s mission to provide users with advanced, next-generation digital banking solutions.

How to Participate

To participate in the $BPay token LBP on Fjord Foundry:

  1. Visit the Fjord Foundry Website: Go to Fjord Foundry’s $BPay Pool for the dedicated page.
  2. Connect Your Wallet: Ensure your cryptocurrency wallet is ready and connect it on the Fjord Foundry platform.
  3. Participate in the LBP: Enter the amount you wish to invest and confirm your purchase.
  4. Stay Informed: Follow BoundlessPay’s official channels and Fjord Foundry for updates and announcements.

Joining the $BPay LBP on Fjord Foundry is an excellent opportunity to support BoundlessPay’s mission to integrate traditional finance with cryptocurrency.

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$BPay Token

$BPay is a utility token that powers the BoundlessPay ecosystem. Similar to how BNB functions in the Binance ecosystem, $BPay offers BoundlessPay users a range of incentives and access to various financial services and tools. It is also used to reward users for specific activities performed on the BoundlessPay app.

BoundlessPay generates revenue through multiple streams, including:

  • Transaction Fees: Charges on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Remittance Services: Fees for global money transfers.
  • Merchant Payment Solutions: Processing fees for business transactions.
  • Potential Subscription-Based Premium Features: Additional services for a fee.

This diversified approach ensures the platform caters to various user needs, from individual consumers to businesses.

BoundlessPay’s Solid Community Backing

BoundlessPay has demonstrated impressive growth and community support, processing a total value of $7 million. With a combined community strength of over 100,000 members, 17,000 verified users, and 1,200 active users, BoundlessPay is solidifying its position in the digital banking space. These achievements reflect the platform’s robust performance and the trust it has earned from its users. 

Join the BoundlessPay community and participate in the $BPay token LBP on Fjord Foundry to be part of this innovative digital banking revolution.

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