The creators of the crazy zombie planet GZplanet are pleased to announce the official launch of 5,000 NFTs on the blockchain through the OnlyOrigin digital trading platform on November 7, 2022. MZclub has partnered with OnlyOrigin, the first gamified NFT trading platform, as the first project to launch its new launchpad experience.

What makes MZCLUB so valuable?

The answer is multifaceted.

First, perfect and unique. As the first set of works launched in cooperation with the OnlyOrigin platform, the Zombie Star team has injected a lot of energy into this series, making this series as perfect as possible. At the same time, this portfolio contains 10,000 works, each of which is unique, they all have inconsistent hierarchical attributes and special functions, and have different identities and background stories.

On top of that, the Zombie Star team will work with the OnlyOrigin platform to take a new approach to distribution. This distribution method will be full of gameplay: OnlyOrigin will release the Passport of the Crazy Zombie Planet earlier, by opening the mysterious box to get the activator – the zombie’s brain, after using the activator, you can get the final, Unique digital collectibles. At the same time, when you get more complete zombie brains, then you can get more rare digital collectibles.

In order to preserve the interest of the holders, the Zombie Star team chose to make a P2E exclusive game Zombie Epic in the future, and holders of the crazy zombies will also have tickets for YZombie epic. MZCLUB will be officially released on the OnlyOrigin market on October 15, 2022, ready to create a new NFT trend.

About MZclub

MZclub is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, a team with unique characters strongly marked as brave and crazy zombies called MZclub. According to legend, GZplanet is the 8012311th parallel world. But what is very interesting is that a special mutation has taken place in this world, zombies have regained their wisdom, and a new civilization belonging to zombies was born! They create entertainment that is unique to zombies and enjoy it here. At the same time, they found that their efforts can help them recover their memory and gain more wisdom, so they established this crazy zombie club and moved forward together for the revival of zombie civilization.

About OnlyOrigin(

OnlyOrigin, a decentralized NFT marketplace based on Web3.0. OnlyOrigin will work with creators to create some curated and verified collections of NFTs, hoping that more NFTs with good storytelling, utility and gameplay can gain real value and provide users with high-quality original, unique and diverse transformed NFTs. OnlyOrigin aims to create a gamified NFT trading platform, by developing a series of interesting features, enabling more creative collection methods, and is committed to making NFT accessibility and NFT purchases more practical and playable than ever before

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