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On Saturday, April 13th, CNC Blockchain and Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA) will be co-hosting a fireside chat on the benefits of blockchain technology in the supply chain industry. The event will take place at Venture X in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida from 10:00 – 12:30 PM. Admission is free, but space is limited so you must RSVP beforehand at: BiTA Fireside Chat.

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One of the featured speakers at the event is Chris Tyler, an embedded solutions evangelist from IBM who has presented around the world on the most important technologies of the present day including blockchains, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since launching the IBM Blockchain in March of 2017, IBM has been established as one of the leading major tech companies to see the potential of blockchains to improve security, control, ease-of-use, trust and efficiency for businesses in countless industries.

With IBM recently launching TradeLens – an open, blockchain-powered platform for global trade – there are lots of new opportunities for IBM customers to get started with their own blockchain initiatives. Chris will be able to share his unique insights on this space, focusing on how improved transparency and traceability in supply chains can ultimately transform trade and boost the entire global economy.

Another industry leader who will be participating in the fireside chat is J.W. Taylor, a founding member of Taylor & Associates, Attorneys At Law. He represents transportation and logistics companies across the nation and internationally in all legal aspects of their businesses, helping them to achieve compliance with federal and state regulations while also reducing risk exposure across the supply chain.

Due to the complexity of blockchain technology and a general lack of public understanding about what blockchains do and what they are useful for, many businesses have been weary of getting involved in this space. In reality, blockchains can be extremely useful for mitigating risk due to properties such as immutability and robustness, and Mr. Taylor will address the benefits companies can realize by integrating blockchain tech into their supply chains.

Rounding out the group of speakers at the fireside chat will be John P. Riley III, the founder and CEO of C-N-C Blockchain Advisory. John has 17+ years of experience in software applications, having previously worked for Oracle and SAP before moving into the blockchain industry full-time.

Since founding CNC Blockchain, John has been consulting organizations to advise them on software implementations, business process changes, digital transformation initiatives and end-user adoption training.

John has become a prominent figure at blockchain and other tech conferences around the world, sharing his expertise on the significant challenges that currently exist in spreading adoption of blockchain technology. He’s discussed the promising possibilities of combining blockchains with other emerging technologies such as AI and IoT, and how those innovations can complement each other.  (Watch his interview for Bloxlive.TV).

This local event will provide an opportunity to learn about the transformative potential of blockchain technology in supply chain and to talk directly with industry leaders who specialize in helping businesses become early adopters. To reserve your seat at the event and get your business started towards blockchain integration, RSVP at BiTA Fireside Chat.

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