LH, a Belgian postman, was sentenced last year to 17 years in prison for the abuse of his son, and for assisting a German national to rape the child. In addition to that, the man filmed the sexual intercourse and uploaded the images to a dark web child pornography forum.

Case of pedophile postman postponed

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Case of pedophile postman postponed

The suspect was summoned to court on January 12 to stand trial for the online explicit content. Since he was not able to come to the hearing, his lawyer represented the accused. After an agreement between the defense and prosecution, the trial was postponed to April 6.

Child Focus (or European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children) criticized the way law enforcement authorities conducted the investigation. According to the civil group, the spread of child pornography on the dark web was insufficiently investigated by the police. The Mechelen Court replied with a statement.

“The investigation into the spread of child pornography was launched almost simultaneously with another investigation against the accused. It is certainly not the case that the investigation has been requested by Child Focus. The investigation was initiated by the prosecutor’s office “, said press judge Theo Byl.”The research was conducted by an investigating judge who is also a specialist in cybercrime, but in this kind of research, we often clashed restrictions in the field of research. That has nothing to do with the functioning of the court. We can only work with the opportunities we have. And we deplore from justice as well. ”

On January 5, the Exeter Crown Court in England sentenced a 40-year-old from Birchy Barton Hill, Exeter for downloading child pornography. Gabor Papai, the defendant in the case, admitted that he viewed, downloaded and shared child porn from 2011 to 2016. According to the prosecutor, law enforcement authorities raided the home of the suspect in late 2016 and seized all electronic equipment inside. A forensic examination showed that the 40-year-old accessed child porn images and movies. The files on Papai’s computer included the sexual assault of children aged six to 15.

“There were also search terms including ‘young video models’ and ‘little girl with grandpa.’ He had also installed a Tor browser which allows anonymous use of the internet,” Francesca Whebell, the prosecutor in the case, said.

However, according to Judge Geoffrey Mercer, QC, the man was of good character—something that undoubtedly influenced the verdict.

“You must understand that downloading this material prolongs the abuse of children. You are of good character. You will not be able to say that again. It prevents you going to prison today, but if you continue to download this material, that is where you will go. You have pleaded guilty and are thoroughly ashamed of what you have done, as you should be,” Judge Mercer said.

Judge Mercer sentenced Gabor Papai to 60-days of sexual rehabilitation and one year on probation. Additionally, the judge ordered Papai to sign into the sex-offender registry for five years.