So what’s is this Ict thing?

Iota Controlled agenT (Ict) is an experimental IOTA node for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). In contrast to our current rather static Internet, the IoT will be full of tiny devices directly connected to each other in a dynamic mesh network. Some of these devices will move around, or suddenly turn off or on. Such a constantly changing environment requires a data integrity protocol with enough redundancy to deliver messages and make data accessible, despite the unpredictable nature of the network.

Becoming a standard protocol for the Internet-of-Things has always been the vision of IOTA. However, most of what is colloquially referred to as IoT currently, exists comfortably in a Cloud infrastructure within regular Internet architecture. In the last few years, we have started to see the emergence of the “true” IoT at the edge of the network (also referred to as the Fog), where technological resources are not abundant. IOTA is not merely accommodating this new frontier, but aims to actively shape it with security and immutability as basic criteria. Instead of waiting for the edge network to grow and then retrofit it, the IOTA Foundation is aiming to build its own IoT microcosm, with Ict as a fundamental building block.

The Internet-of-Things is a prominent driver of the fourth industrial revolution. Just as its precursor, the digital revolution, there will be radical changes transcending all aspects of our daily life. For instance, we are shifting our perception of ownership. With emerging trends like car or bike sharing, we are moving towards a world full of services. And this is where Ict plays its role, providing a platform for services.

The Ict core client itself will remain lean, providing basic functions such as a gossip protocol and data integrity. The really interesting part however, is IXI.