Coinbase Users File Motion to Block IRS’ Bitcoin Tax Summons

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The multi-national law organisation of Berns Weiss LLP has filed a suit on interest of dual unclear Coinbase users in a bid to intervene and plea a ‘John Doe’ summons released by a Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Coinbase.

Last December, Berns Weiss LLP filed a suit to intervene on interest of Coinbase customer Jeffrey Berns. The Government withdrew a summons as to Mr. Berns, and argued in a antithesis papers that a withdrawal mooted his motion.

Now, though, a Government has given filed a new suit in an try to make a summons on Coinbase. Reacting to a motion, a law organisation has proceeded to record a new suit to meddle in a coercion move and to stifle a summons.

It’s also hoped that a dual Coinbase business will be means to ensue anonymously so as to stop a Government from withdrawing a summons and mooting a suit again.

A matter from Berns Weiss LLP pronounced a following:


On Mar 16, 2017, when the

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