The Japanese exchange Coincheck has blocked a lot of transactions on its network since yesterday. Above all, it concerns the cryptocurrency NEM and Ripple, but also withdrawals in Fiat. The incident is believed to be a response to theft.

While today’s first CME futures round expires, strangers at Coincheck have cashed out a large amount of ripple and NEM. Whether these are regular transactions or an attack / theft is not clear. However, in response to the big deals, Coincheck froze all transactions.

As can be seen from her blog, Coincheck has since yesterday evening imposed far-reaching restrictions on transactions. First, the Japanese stock exchange blocked the deposit of NEM. So it was initially no longer possible for users to transfer the crypto currency to Coinbase, so any deposits would not be displayed on the wallet. Except for further instructions users should refrain from making further deposits.

Subsequently, the trade with NEM was blocked, so it is not possible to buy or sell the cryptocurrency. During the night Coincheck extended the restrictions. So they have completely blocked all withdrawals in Fiat. The only thing that is currently possible is the purchase of Bitcoin, the trade with Altcoins is currently not possible.

Coincheck has a large ripple transaction

As can be seen from the ripple transaction history, Coincheck Wallet transferred a total of 101,265,057 ripple worth approximately $ 123.5 million just before the announcements.

In addition, strangers have withdrawn from the stock exchange NEM worth $ 600 million. Rumors are currently circulating on Twitter that it could be a hacker attack. However, this message is not confirmed. Since yesterday both the ripple and the NEM course have fallen. Although the message is likely to lead to FUD, we advise our readers as always against panic reactions. Keep Calm..

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