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Content and AD Network (CAN), a cryptocurrency which has gained a momentum in the market, was developed for advertising services. Based on a rapidly growing AD system designed by MobiPromo, the blockchain is regulated by a highly efficient team of developers and robust infrastructure. Adept at building mutual trust and tracking, the blockchain boasts a number of worthwhile features. Apart from its ad-features and functionality, this blockchain has rapidly attracted the attention of the investors for its ad features and functionality, as well as its vision of augmenting the effectiveness of the ways advertisements are broadcasted between the nodes of the MobiPromo System.

Is Content and AD Network (CAN) a Scam? 

From the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009, blockchain has been deployed in numerous inventive projects. Today, it has found its way into almost all major fields, serving several unique applications. While many investors decry the project as a scam, Content and AD Network (CAN) can be looked upon as a game changer in the domain of advertising.  Bitcoin, which plays the role of “gold” in the crypto market, is the earliest instance of blockchain application, and subsequently, there have been many such influential projects in the realm cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin (BTC) is a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), which ranks second by market capitalization, runs on smart contracts. Inspired by Ethereum, this rapidly growing blockchain strives to become a means of conveying commercial messages and values.

In today’s fast-paced world, traffic forms the core of all business operations and MobiPromo System aims to boost the traffic of a company’s website, enabling business owners to create a broader market reach. Essentially, there are three types of participants in the market, the e-commerce website (platform), the consumer (end users), and suppliers (shops). All these participants come together to form a commercial ecosystem. Recently, there has been a paradigm shift from location-centric ecosystem to platform-centric ecosystem, and we can say that the behavioral patterns of the consumers are no longer influenced by locations but by the platforms. The MobiPromo System, the backbone of the Content and AD Network, strives to deliver the appropriate information to a target consumer base, driving more traffic to the business website. The executives of the blockchain, along with the team of MobiPromo, have developed the decentralized network to share advertising engine with the community.

The RoadMap of Content and AD Network (CAN)

The Content and AD Network is regulated by its payment tool, the CAN tokens, for global advertising as well as content distribution services. CAN tokens have been introduced to cater to the existing services that are a part of the AD System.  Some of the services which extended globally using the CAN tokens include targeted advertising, proximity marketing services, and content distribution. MobiPromo is located in thousands of centers across the globe to provide expert advertising services using Wi-Fi facilities. Centers which house MobiPromo Wi-Fi devices are supported by MobiPromo intelligent backend facilities, allowing business owners to broadcast information pertaining to their products, including coupons, membership credit points, etc via Wi-Fi. MobiPromo, which is widely acknowledged for its content distribution network or CDN services, also enables users to access CDN services by using CAN tokens. At any rate, this CAN blockchain has come a long way from its formative days. The roadmap of this blockchain has been listed below:

  • Inspired by Ethereum blockchain, CAN decentralized network released its smart contracts on September 30, 2017.
  • The Content and AD Network (CAN) ICO was first launched on October 11, 2017.
  • During the closing week of October, ICO was officially launched on exchange platforms.
  • CAN deploy smart contracts for CAN operations on November 2017.
  • The blockchain also deployed CAN API services on the cloud launch on three prominent platforms and released its very own wallet, CAN Wallet v1.ORC during December 2017.
  • The first quarter of 2018 witnessed some more exciting developments, including the launch of a new wallet, CAN Wallet v2 ORC. Other developments include CAN’s launch on more platforms, its accessibility in MobiPromo nodes, and its integration into the prototype version of Ads delivery and Ads administration in the test net
  • In July 2018, the blockchain was further maneuvered for Ads delivery and Ads administration in Ethereum.

Content and AD Network (CAN) and the Crypto Market

Although CAN is a new entrant in the crypto market, it has caused quite a stir in the crypto community. With many notable currencies trading in the red, CAN’s uptrend has raised many eyebrows recently. As for its performance in the market, the currency has traded up by 32.2% against the US dollar on May 4, 2018. Content and AD Network, which is trading at $0.035040 at the time of writing, has slipped 3.43% from its earlier position.

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