Online cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex, whose activities are aimed at protecting the privacy of its users, has released an application for quick exchange of cryptocurrencies on Android devices. Now you can quickly sell or buy digital assets right from your mobile.

Why an exchange with Cryptex is profitable

The developers of Cryptex cryptocurrency exchange honor the privacy of their users. That’s why, following the free spirit of digital financial assets, only the data that the user considers necessary can be provided during exchange operations.

Exchange transactions are made at the most favorable exchange rate. In most cases, the purchase or sale is done automatically. For example, the exchange of Perfect Money to any of the available cryptocurrencies is almost instant, and in the reverse direction, it is enough to wait for three confirmations from the blockchain network, and at the same time to receive funds to the account of the payment system.

How to buy bitcoin from a cell phone

To buy the first cryptocurrency from a mobile device running Android, it is enough to select the necessary types of currencies in the appropriate window. After that, an exchange manager will contact you and discuss all the details of the transaction.

In the case of a transaction for a large amount you can always use the OTC deal – each specific condition is negotiated separately through our operators, which allows you to get the most favorable offers.

Why you may need anonymous cryptocurrency exchange from your cell phone on Android

Despite the popular belief, only about percent of transactions with cryptocurrencies are of a dark nature. Cash is used much more frequently in this regard. Even the average person may need to exchange PerfectMoney or Stablecoins for cryptocurrency using their Android device. For example, in this way it is easier to pay with a foreign counterparty, or the reverse case, get bitcoins from abroad, exchange them for the payment systems that have become common, and quietly pay taxes on the profits.

Also, in case of long-term investments, a confidential purchase of cryptocurrency is much more convenient than the use of other payment services. The current legislation obliges citizens to report on any movements of digital assets, even if they do not make any profit and remain in virtual space. If this is justified for companies, it is easier for ordinary citizens to buy bitcoins in exchange for money from the usual payment services, and then declare them at the time of sale. In this way, it is possible to simplify one’s life considerably without breaking the law.

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