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Investors and traders are still speculating over the bullish trend that shook the market this past seven days. However, amidst the joy of the price hike in the industry, some people are still cautious. A crypto trader with the twitter handle of BTC_Macro is advising other players in his tweet to be careful. According to him, the bearish cryptocurrency market is not over yet.

In the tweet, the user admonished players in the market not to listen to the people saying that the bears have given up. It went further to say that Bitcoin may still plunge uncontrollably anytime even if it breaks the $6K mark. When this occurs the twitter user continues, any scenario may occur. The advice is that players in the crypto market should be on the neutral side. According to the user, it is not safe to be on the bullish side or the bearish side. Instead, players should be on their toes without bias.

How Trader reacts to price movements

Over time, it has become evident that many traders usually go against the market majority during bearish or bullish trends. Well, there is usually some logic backing up the reactions.

It is true that we have seen the longest bearish trend in the history of cryptocurrencies. Everybody who has a stake in the crypto market is expecting the day of the bull’s rise in power. We are all looking forward to seeing if Bitcoin can hit the $20k heights once again as it recorded in 2017. Therefore, the opinion that the bears are still in play is not unfounded — the reason being that the digital currency has not tested the main resistance level yet.

What is your position on this?

It is advisable that all investors in the market should cautiously follow the current position of the Bitcoin price. Being cautious may be one of the strategies that can work during this period. Don’t forget that the digital coin is yet to approach a major level.

Well, many people agreed with the tweet while others disagreed as we expect on a controversial topic. However, another tweeter tried to summarize the position of the responders. The user stated that the sentiment about the occurrence in the market is bullish. As such, many people will easily believe that bears in the market have given up.

The truth is that the point which the tweeter user was trying to make is glaring. It is implying that investors and traders should beware of the short-term price movement. They should not use the recent developments as a yardstick to make investment decisions. Following the sentiment that the market is on a bullish trend may lead to wrong outcomes.

How Bitcoin will perform regarding its resistance or support level

Meanwhile, it is good to watch the crypto leader closely in the days to come. Let us see if it can hold its support level at $5,000 or retest the $6000 level. If the cryptocurrency didn’t hold the support of $6000, many people would agree that the bearish market is not over. The reason is that the level is a major key level for the coin.

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