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The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is not confined to just one industry. The

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The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is not confined to just one industry. The universal nature of distributed ledger technology is being explored and adopted by various industry sectors in the recent days. However, not many blockchain platforms have focused on the marketing segment, except for Referral Foundation.

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Referral Foundation has created a dedicated cryptocurrency platform called ReferralCoin for the referral marketing industry. Referral marketing is probably one of the oldest and effective marketing technique. Many brands owe their existence and brand value to the word-of-mouth promotions, network marketing, and affiliate marketing techniques.

However, the referral marketing industry hasn’t seen much innovation lately. Referral Foundation intends to change it by offering a blockchain technology solution to the $178 billion-dollar network marketing and MLM industry. The ReferralCoin platform is tailor-made to suit the sector’s needs.


The mention of MLM makes people assume that ReferralCoin is a digital product that follows MLM structure. In order to avoid the misconception, Referral Foundation has recently issued a press release clarifying its stance as a technology provider for the MLM and network marketing industry. ReferralCoin by itself doesn’t follow any of these methods for its propagation.

ReferralCoin is capable of handling the complicated payout structures and reward mechanisms commonly used by MLM and network marketing industry. Referral Foundation has already started the initial distribution process for ReferralCoin, and it is now available for purchase on the well-known Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, Coinsquare.

The opportunity for implementation in a huge reward based industry makes ReferralCoin an ideal investment for cryptocurrency investors. As Referral Foundation continues to forge partnerships with leading industry players, the value of ReferralCoin is expected to strengthen with adoption.

Those interested in investing in ReferralCoin can now do so by logging into their respective Coinsquare accounts. Alternatively, they can also choose to send Bitcoin deposits to the wallet address mentioned on a dedicated ReferralCoin web page along with their email address. Once the Bitcoin payment is made, the investor will receive an email with information about their ReferralCoin allocation.

The cryptocurrency platform is also involved in educating the industry about the benefits of blockchain technology and how they can leverage it by using ReferralCoin.

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