The cryptocurrency world has literally exploded with interest from the mainstream. Bitcoin is up over 800% on the year, and altcoins like Ethereum, NEO, and Ripple have all skyrocketed as well.

The jump has not gone unnoticed by the wider financial world. The market for cryptocurrency hedge funds has grown rapidly as well, and the increasing demand will likely see the creation of a lot more.

However, while the marketplace for new and creative ways to invest in cryptocurrencies has grown, it has nevertheless remained something of mystery to many mainstream investors. The relatively large amount of tech awareness needed for investment has kept cryptocurrencies in the shadows and has made it difficult for investors to move into space in a substantial way.

However, for mainstream adoption, and subsequent price increases, to occur, cryptocurrencies must find new ways to function. The power for the digital currency world to move out of the shadows and into the mainstream requires new and creative platforms. CryptoPay – the industry-leading Bitcoin wallet, debit card, and payment gateway platform – has a plan to do just that.

Financial Instruments

The last 100 years of stock market investment has seen a number of new and creative methodologies for investing. From futures, short calls, and mortgage-back securities, these changes have created massive diversity and opportunity for diversification in the mainstream investment world.

This growth is needed in the cryptocurrency world in the same way. In order for mainstream acceptance, these more commonly understood investment structures must be available for cryptocurrency investors.

CryptoPay has a plan to create just such a platform for the cryptocurrency world. In order to accomplish this feat, the company is planning to create a bridge between the crypto sphere and traditional assets by providing traditional vehicles for cryptocurrencies.

First, the company is planning on building a Bitcoin stock brokerage. Within the CryptoPay platform, cryptocurrency investors will be able to buy and sell stocks, bonds, equities, and more, as well as invest in indices and other instruments.

The advantage of this new platform is threefold – first, CryptoPay allows investors to enter these markets without exposure of personal banking information. Rather than being forced to link bank information, investors are able to simply own Bitcoin and buy and sell traditional instruments with their Bitcoin.

Second, investors will have the ability to diversify their investments in cryptocurrencies into traditional investments. This provides a way for investors to hedge against market change without the need for divesting themselves of portions of the crypto-holdings.

Third, this system allows investors to leverage their cryptocurrency holdings for purchases on the broader market up to four times. This means that rather than sitting on digital cash hordes riding the market, investors will be allowed to put these funds to work in other venues, while still holding the cryptocurrency.

CryptoPay’s Expertise

It’s no surprise that CryptoPay is the frontrunner on this new digital economy. The company has been a leader in the Bitcoin investment space for years and is now leveraging that information in the creation of this new investment platform.

Starting in 2013, CryptoPay began their platform by creating a Bitcoin wallet and exchange. The venture proved successful, as their easy-to-use platform caught on among early adopters. In 2014, the company became one of the first to create Bitcoin debit cards, offering users new ways to use their Bitcoin in the real world. Finally, in 2016, the company created an entirely new economic structure through Bitcoin payment gateways for merchants.

All told, the company has been on the cutting edge of the Bitcoin revolution since the beginning and will continue to do so through this new investment and diversification platform.

ICO Mania

In order to finance this new venture, CryptoPay is currently in the midst of its ICO. The public sales, which occur in stages, will last through November 30, with the next stage starting October 10. Throughout the ICO process, the company will continue issuing a general call for partners.

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