Over the past eight years, D10e has been a symbol for a conference that gathers dozens of experts and speakers in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its main aim has always been the future of blockchain as well as uncovering the dust from topics like FinTech, ICOs, sharing economy, future of work as well as disruptive culture.

The D10e conference has always featured an international lineup of experts some of which including the Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik, the famous StartJoin founder and TV showman Max Keiser, the analyst David Orban and many others, all discussing the decentralized technologies and cryptocurrencies on the one-day congress.

D10e To Be Taking Place In Kiev, Ukraine In September This Year

This year, Coin Congress is being rebranded into D10e – marketed as the most popular blockchain conference ever held. Since it will be the first conference of its kind, D10e will bring together a mixture of individuals that build decentralized technologies – to discuss them in detail and once again share the importance of this technology while learning from each other.

From Bitcoin developers to blockchain fanatics decentralizing eCommerce with innovative ideas, there is a lot to learn from this year’s edition of D10e which will be held in Kiev from September 16th to September 19th this year.

Some Of The Key Takeaways Of The D10e Conference

What most people will find interesting from this technology is the fact that it can be implemented in a plethora of industries – from drones to 3D printing. With d10e standing as a numeronym for decentralization, the conference features all of the changes in the blockchain ecosystem year after year.

What is interesting is that everything is changing in these industries. From the digital currencies to the growth of FinTech, we are experiencing a movement which allows multiple disruptive industries to blossom.

The bottom line is that D10e is not only a conference – it is a brand for the highest level content in these industries. From networking to cultural tourism as well as an overview of all the trends and opportunities, it definitely makes the digital world a better place every single year.

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