As the first round of Migration slowly comes to an end, Creditbit is seeing more traction than ever. Now that Creditbit is busy with concluding the successful first round of Migration, more good news came from China. The recently launched Creditbit whitepaper has been translated and now available for the Chinese Creditbit community members and enthusiasts to go through at

Creditbit, the open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license, explains on its newly revamped website that the whitepaper is a must read for all those who want to peek under the hood of the CreditBit token, all those who want to learn more about the foundations and mechanisms behind the scenes. It is a recommended reading for the curious members of the Creditbit community and newcomers. It is also a must-read for Developers, Crypto Enthusiasts and Investors. This is longer and enhanced version of Currency Platform and Token description.

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Since, the whitepaper holds such importance for the Creditbit community, its accessibility in the Chinese market was of paramount importance as it is the biggest market and now the traders in China will finally be able to read and understand why to buy or trade with Creditbit.

The importance of the Chinese market for Creditbit has been clear from the start and was demonstrated by the much excitement around its addition to and also with the crypto’s bullish behaviour at that time. The inclusion had led the cryptocurrency to an unprecedented high of 0.00046295 BTC and also of 5,758, 969 USD market cap.

The community already believes in the importance of the Chinese market in the future of Creditbit. It believes that the access to Chinese market will only provide a positive boost to Creditbit. Therefore, the release of the translated Creditbit whitepaper on will only help Creditbit gain more traction and ultimately adopters in the Chinese market, strengthening the Creditbit community even further!


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