DAO.Casino announces blockchain based decentralized ethereum gambling ecosystem.

DAO.Casino is an open ecosystem for gambling games that doesn’t rely on a trusted third party. Its decentralized governance system built on Ethereum offers rewards to developers, security auditors, and community members for their contribution to the platform where players can discover and play scam-free games with a straightforward user interface.

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DAO.Casino’s Ethereum smart contracts based software offers a unique socio-technical protocol, which creates a fine balance between the platform’s usability and its autonomous economic infrastructure to support the growth of a fair and sustainable gaming and gambling industry.

DAO.Casino, with its decentralized business model, creates a democratized gambling platform where everyone involved, irrespective of the designation, are recognized and rewarded for their contribution. The platform has tentatively scheduled the release for April 2017.

DAO.Casino’s decentralized business model means that the project’s developers are as much as same as anybody who brings value to their platform. DAO.Casino’s code is administered by mathematics — a cryptographically verifiable Ethereum powered code that automatically distributes funds amongst all the participants who bring value: developers, referrers, and random number providers.

Further, DAO.Casino focuses on usability in order to provide a perfect mixture of straightforward user-experience, provable fairness, and higher payouts.

As for the benefit of game developers, with its focus on offering a sustainable, attack-resistant platform, DAO.Casino offers a safe and thriving environment to developers in which they can build games freely, raise funds and bankroll without needing to rely on centralized models.

DAO.Casino token holders can contribute and get rewarded for their active engagement by –

  • Investing token in any game’s bankroll and earning  % from the game profits
  • Becoming a referrer helping players with platform discovery
  • Becoming providers of random numbers used by games.

DAO.Casino tentative first release is in April 2017.

Finally, in the month of March, DAO.Casino will be publishing:

  • A detailed system architecture
  • Token distribution functionality details
  • Detailed description of RNG
  • Initial Solidity contracts
  • Security audit results

With its ethos and dedication to providing a provably fair, user-friendly experience DAO.Casino looks forward to creating a great future business for players and programmers alike.

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