The NASDAQ is the largest electronic stock exchange in the US, in terms of the number of listed companies. And as part of the World Economic Forum in Davos Nasdaq boss Adena Friedman writes in an article on LinkedIn that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are groundbreaking innovations that deserve to become part of the global economy.

The invention of the cryptocurrencies themselves is a great demonstration of genius and creativity. This invention deserves the chance to become part of a sustainable future in our economy. Once the regulatory environment is in place, decentralized digital currencies will be firmly anchored in our economy.

“And as with traditional exchange trading, transparency and fairness are the keys to trust, so it will also require a degree of oversight and regulation in crypto currencies and digital assets. Only with transparency and fairness can trust arise.

At Nasdaq, we work to help cryptocurrencies gain investor confidence by offering our technology for matching, clearing, and trading integrity to launch start-ups. We also invested in ErisX, an institutional marketplace for spot and cryptocurrency futures. While this year will be another test for cryptocurrencies, we believe that digital currencies will play a role in the future. The scale will depend on the development of regulation and broader institutional acceptance. “

Although Friedman believes in the future and in a digital world currency, she says that the future of Crypto is still unwritten:

“With several thousand competing cryptocurrencies vying for the attention of investors, the world of” crypto “went through the first phase of the classic invention lifecycle, marked by early pioneers, followed by hype, followed by the spread of newcomers and a serving Reality. What comes next is one of two results:

    1) Either innovation has practical benefits, followed by years of steady and sustained commercial progress and integration into the economic fabric (eg the Internet). or

    2) The invention is not widely accepted and its commercial applications as a medium of exchange are limited (eg, the Segway). ”

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