In Linz, a city in Upper Austria, a 28-year-old drug dealer gave away between 9,000 and 11,000 euros worth of heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and amphetamine. Police reported a confusion amongst investigators regarding the motive for giving away free drugs. The investigation started because of something, at the time, unrelated.

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The dealer raised suspicion after he imported drugs that he purchased from the darknet marketplaces. In 2016, he purchased at least 50 grams of heroin online. Authorities are still looking into the origin of the other drugs—amphetamine and methamphetamine in particular. Linz officials said that they knew the man had a drug addiction but did not know the full extent of his crimes at the time.

After several months of investigation, the Crime Service Group from Traun, a city that borders Linz, gathered enough evidence to make an arrest. They proved that he made purchases from a darknet marketplace. Although the specifics are still unavailable to the public, officials announced that he made darknet purchases in 2016. According to what little information revealed to the press, he only ordered 50 or more grams of heroin. That investigation is ongoing as police do not believe he sold or freely distributed only 50 grams of heroin over the course of a year.

The Public Prosecutors Office in Linz arranged for the 28-year-old’s arrest following a request from members of the Crime Service Group in Traun. In April, they found the dealer at a tram station in Linz-Kleinmünchen. They arrested him on the spot.

Investigators searched his house and found drugs, bags, phones, and SIM cards. A preliminary forensic investigation revealed that he gave away thousands of euros worth of various substances. Police revealed that he sold the same substances he gave away. This led to the unofficial speculation that he gave the drugs away in order to “spread the addiction,” possibly so that he would later have newly created addicts returning for a fix.

The authorities have not announced a “theory” as to the suspect’s motivation. However, they do want to identify the motive as the investigation proceeds; one source mentioned that police were looking into a potentially malicious motivation such as an attempt to poison a percentage of the population. The suspect confessed to some of the charges but officials had difficulty believing that he gave drugs away out of generosity.

Somehow, a couple of heroin purchases in 2016 led to a completely unrelated investigation into free drugs. Only police spokespersons have responded to requests for information and Linz residents found the responses both confusing and contradictory.

The suspect is in custody for drug distribution and importation charges, but there does not appear to be a charge for drug giveaways. The court date is unknown.