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As globalization continues to push e-commerce and international travel to new highs, traditional modes of transport and logistics have become increasingly stressed to keep up with demand.

Today’s global economy is more reliant than ever on yesterday’s outdated infrastructure, which is increasingly bogged down by traffic-stricken highways and crowded skies.

One company sees this burgeoning challenge as the perfect opportunity: use today’s most disruptive technologies to create a more efficient, autonomous, and self-governing cargo and transportation economy.

DEEP AERO — an innovative blockchain company — is developing an aviation economy powered by AI, blockchain, and drones that will act as an on-demand logistics system, and later, a fully-functioning transportation system capable of private transportation.

Today’s Flawed Aviation System is Tomorrow’s Opportunity

The current international medium of aviation and flight logistics is overburdened by the skyrocketing demand of a growing global middle class of developing countries and businesses that service this class.

The problems become even more pronounced as aviation becomes integral to the growing modern economy:

  • Human error
  • Wasteful spending
  • Inefficient and outdated tech
  • Data loss
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Today’s aviation economy is hampered by wasteful spending, data loss, outdated technology, and even pilot error. Pilots, which consumers and businesses must place their trust, still use paper logbooks, and in many developing countries, are still susceptible to forging documents and even pilot licenses.

Gurmeet Singh, CEO, DEEP AERO, says

“The DEEP AERO journey began at end of 2016, much before the concept for it was formalized in October 2017. In the last few years, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones have moved out of being science fiction constructs into reality. We are fortunate to live in an era where technology and the hardware have caught up with human imagination.

Flight and logistics is the next frontier that must be explored to stay commercially viable in the times to come. DEEP AERO envisions commercialized drone fleets capable of extraordinary feats.”

The good news is this: there is an unparalleled opportunity and new technology that can remove human error and inefficiency from the equation.

DEEP AERO — Removing Human Error and Inefficiency from Aviation

The solution to human error and aviation inefficiencies? Drones.

“Drones are transforming everything from agriculture to emergency management and national security to the delivery of goods and services,” says DEEP AERO’s Whitepaper. Drone technology has evolved at breakneck speeds over the last 10 years, and now represent a scalable and efficient mode of transport primed for mass adoption.

DEEP AERO began developing its plans for an autonomous, AI-powered drone system using the immutable and decentralized blockchain.

The project is a completely self-governing drone traffic management platform, which DEEP AERO is calling DRONE-UTM, the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Monitoring, or UTM for short.

As e-commerce, international trade, and international travel continue to grow (and privatize), the skylines will inevitably become populated by fleets of drones dedicated to delivering goods and people on-demand.

DEEP AERO is developing a working platform that will manage the traffic and demand of those very drones that our future commerce and travel will depend upon.

By using AI-powered drones and the immutable, decentralized power of the blockchain, DEEP AERO is bringing new solutions to today’s aviation and logistics problems:

  • Removing human error
  • Preventing data loss
  • Eliminating waste
  • Securely storing flight data
  • Protecting against cyber threats

The creative minds behind DEEP AERO know that they are undertaking an enormous project, and thus have outlined practical steps to developing today’s project into tomorrow’s real-world application. You can check out DEEP AERO’s detailed roadmap here.

How It Works

The DEEP AERO drone ecosystem is comprised of 3 major products:

  • DRONE-UTM Platform
  • DEEP AERO Passenger & Cargo Drones

DRONE- UTM Platform

The foundation for tomorrow’s drone economy requires a fully-functioning, rules-based traffic system. This is what DEEP AERO is calling the Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) Platform. 

“We’re heading towards a world where millions of drones will fly billions of flights” claims DEEP AERO’s whitepaper — which poses a serious problem. How will tomorrow’s aircraft detect and avoid one another?

DEEP AERO’s UTM Traffic Platform solves this problem through a complex system that integrates registration, identity, information, flight planning, authorization and geo-fencing — all powered by AI and stored on DEEP AERO’s blockchain.

Gurmeet Singh says,

“DEEP AERO is building an AI-driven, autonomous, self-governing, intelligent UTM on blockchain that will ensure safe manned and unmanned flights in the shared airspace. Unmanned flights pose a challenge to the current conventional air traffic management system which relies heavily on manual input to avoid collisions.

DEEP AERO’s white paper has details of the modules we will develop for the UTM and their application such as universal drone registration standards, open identification systems, accurate 3D mapping data, tamper-proof flight data recorders etc.”

DEEP AERO Passenger & Cargo Drones

To solve the problem of today’s over-clogged roads and crowded skies, DEEP AERO is working closely with leading drone manufacturers Volocopter, eHANG, Autonomous Passenger, and Workhorse to incorporate the world’s best VTOL drones for transporting goods and people.

When DEEP AERO’s UTM Traffic System and marketplace are completed in 2020, consumers and businesses will be able to use these drones on-demand to meet both individual and large-scale needs.


The Drone Marketplace will act as a business and consumer-facing digital platform in which DEEP AERO’s drone fleet can be rented and purchased on-demand. Other drone companies and individuals will also be able to sell drone products and services in this marketplace.

The DEEP AERO Marketplace will be based on DEEP AERO’s DRONE token.


DRONE, the token on which DEEP AERO’s drone economy will be based on, are available for purchase in the public sale which is currently live.

Gurmeet Singh says,

“The sky is truly the limit when it comes to applications of drones in the daily life of consumers. DEEP AERO is going to become a member of GUTMA and AUVSI, premier global drone associations very shortly. DEEP AERO’s membership has been approved and will be announced shortly.

People who participate in DEEP AERO ICO will get DRONE tokens at a very low price. Current participants expect a significant increase in the price of DRONE tokens as the token has been listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges and talks are on with several top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges for listing.”

If you are interested in DEEP AERO’s potential to change the way that consumers and businesses use technology to meet the growing needs of logistics and transport, you can get involved in the main token sale.

The main token sale began May 1st and will continue to June 1st.

Here are some details about the DRONE token sale:

  • Total supply: 5b DRONE (5,000,000,000)
  • ICO supply: 50% = 2.5b DRONE
  • Founder supply: 25% = 1.25b DRONE
  • Advisors: 10% = 500m DRONE
  • Marketing: 5% 250m DRONE

For the current main sale, DRONE is being sold at a rate of $.05 = 1 DRONE.

The DEEP AERO ICO is also offering % bonuses based on ICO contribution amounts.

As always, do your own diligence and research before investing. If you want to learn more about DEEP AERO, check out the following links below.

DEEP AERO Homepage:

White Paper:

Token Sale Document:

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