Democratic Investment Platform SISA to Launch on Ethereum Blockchain and Announces Presale for October 20, 2017

October 15, 2017 BST | Guest User

Bitcoin Press Release: Tech start-up SISA brings Ethereum blockchain technology to pool investments, offering stability and transparency to backers. The platform Pre-sale starts October 20, 2017.

October 13, 2017, City,Singapore  Ethereum blockchain-backed investment pool fund SISA has announced its token pre-sale dates, and platform intentions. Using blockchain technology SISA will offer individuals a safer, more democratic and transparent medium in which they can back investment pool funds. The platform addresses issues with traditional investment pool funds using ethereum smart contracts. The pre-sale starts on October 20th, 2017 and will run until the 30th of October, 2017.

SISA is a decentralized, democratic investment pool fund which offers its investors many benefits like diversification and access to investment opportunities that would previously been unavailable to due to capital requirements. The tool used for this pool is called Democratic Pool Fund, or DPF. This tool was designed with democracy in mind, and gives each individual increased leverage but at the same time puts the capital allocation decisions in the hands of the backers.

It aim’s to mitigate these issues with their revolutionary, democratic pooled fund; an investment vehicle that will give the token holders gain benefits such as Liquidity, diversity and scale,, while maintaining agency in investment decision and capital allocation.

This is achieved by implementing a voting platform through which backers can vote on which projects and companies receive funding. This pooling mechanism is implemented through Ethereum smart contracts, providing transparency and security for all users.

Token holders can register on the SISA platform, after which point backers can propose viable projects in which to fund. The SISA team determines which of these projects fit the fund criteria for risk and diversification. SISA analysts perform research and due diligence on viable investment opportunities. This information is then passed to the platform backers for their own analysis and peace of mind. Bakers can then vote on which project the fund will choose to back. SISA managers will then strategically invest in the most promising/popular idea. Stakeholders can then take an activist role in taking awareness for the project, in addition to taking the accounts management team accountable

Every quarter 70% of the funds profit will be distributed as dividends, token holders can withdraw their dividends via an ethereum smart contract making the process fully transparent and auditable by anyone who has access to the blockchain. Business expert and SISA founder Immanuel Anthony Explains how the decentralized, democratic fund addresses the key issues plaguing the traditional pool investment funds. Stating,

The problem with traditional pool investment funds is that the fund managers hold all the power over the backers and there is a consistent lack of of direct communication between entrepreneur and investor. We have designed a blockchain-based, democratic platform that eliminates these weaknesses but preserve the benefits that the traditional pool funds offer.”

Investment pool funds have traditionally appealed to seasoned investors and financial professionals but SISA will offer backers a safer and more transparent version in which they can overcome these challenges. SISA Will also ensure that a variety of projects will be available to investors rather than sticking to blockchain related projects. SISA is close to making the revolutionary idea of a decentralized Investment pool fund a reality and offers a great opportunity for enthusiasts and Investors in the cryptocurrency sector.  

A tale of two funds

SISA has plans to operate an additional fund which is set to launch some time next year after the platform becomes more well established. This ‘open fund’ will be primarily aimed at more conservative Individuals. Unlike the closed fund, this fund will will not be tokenized and will focus on more traditional projects outside of the blockchain space. This second fund will be a great opportunity for those individuals who missed the original ICO and who wish to back more traditional projects.  

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