Estimates show that the market for digital products is on an upward trajectory and should reach over 500 billion USD before 2020. The exciting growth rate opens lots of opportunities within the sector.

There is need to make sure that consumers continuously get goods and services sold to them at affordable rates. Secondly, these digital products that are available for purchase should not infringe upon any copyright or other intellectual properties. And finally, the digital products should be accessible to customers from all over the world. However, not many online entities have been able to overcome all the challenges which have resulted in stifled growth and increased competition in the same segment.


Now, there is a solution that can make digital goods easily accessible and affordable while ensuring that no rights are infringed in the process. DigiToken, a cryptocurrency platform is the one offering such a solution.

DigiToken tackles the issue by creating a platform that will act as the world’s largest marketplace for digital goods and services. The platform is designed to harmonize all digital products and present them on a single marketplace. These digital products will include but not be limited to the following: eBooks, stock photos, courses, services, apps, themes, audio, and video.

As they continue developing the platform, the team behind DigiToken have organized a crowdsale.  The crowdsale, currently live allows participants to purchase DIGI cryptotokens, — DigiToken platform’s native cryptocurrency against ETH payment. The platform has set a fixed cap of 98 million tokens, without the possibility of new tokens ever being created.

Participants in the crowdsale can purchase DIGI tokens by sending ETH deposit to the smart contract made available on the website. These tokens will be the mode of transaction on the DigiToken platform, allowing people to not only spend it on various digital goods, but also trade it against other cryptocurrencies on supported exchanges.

The DigiToken project is being run by a highly capable team of professionals, with extensive experience in web development and design. They also bring on board rich knowledge in the management of online commerce and more.

Currently, they have a bonus of 40% for early contributors. With less than a week to go for the early bird bonus to end,  you can receive 840 DIGI Tokens for 1 ETH, which is a great return rate. Visit for the live crowdsale.