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Blockchain equity startup DIMCOIN recently announced that it is going offer investors an additional 10%

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Blockchain equity startup DIMCOIN recently announced that it is going offer investors an additional 10% ICO bonus for contributions made in XEM tokens during the ongoing crowdsale. The participants in the ICO purchasing the tokens during the crowdsale will receive DIM TOKENs and DIMCOINs in their XEM wallet addresses.

The blockchain platform’s crowdsale is currently in the Pre-ICO state, set to end on July 15, 2017, at 23:59 (CET). It will be followed by the ICO round, which will go on until August 30, 2017.

The entire crowdsale campaign has been divided into six payout rounds. The start date of the payout rounds are as follows;

Round One, starting July 10, 2017

Round Two, starting July 20, 2017

Round Three, starting July 30, 2017

Round Four, starting August 10, 2017

Round Five, starting August 20, 2017

and ,

Round Six, starting August 30, 2017.

DIMCOIN is built on the NEM blockchain, so the development team intended to encourage Pre-ICO participants to contribute in XEM, with an extra 10% bonus. In addition, DIMCOIN has already been offering early investors in the Pre-ICO the chance to receive a 30% bonus on all DIMCOIN purchases.

The DIM blockchain-based ecosystem enables cryptocurrency stock trading and equity tokenization on computers, mobile devices or via password-encrypted paper certificates. The company also offer a plethora of financial products and services which allow users to engage in different digital transactions.

The DIMCOIN Platform is sustained by two separate currencies, each with a different purpose. DIMCOIN is a speculative asset that can be traded against its other similar altcoins, but DIM Currencies are crypto tokens whose value is pegged to that of various fiat currencies.

The DIMCOIN Ecosystem enable its investors to have some say in the direction the company develops through its DIM TOKENS. Holders of over 50 DIM TOKENS are entitled to voting rights and 30% of the fee’s collected by the ecosystem. This tokenized ecosystem is designed to give individuals the chance to earn recurring income based on transactions.

DIMCOIN uses NEM blockchain technology, built over a unique two-tier design using, spam protection, node reputation and incentivized infrastructure through supernodes, which guarantee transparent and secure transactions and online trading.

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