Talking smack about online gaming has become the new trend. It is easy to focus on the negative like reduced physical activity and increased strain on the eyes – these are the obvious ones. But like everything, there are two sides to online gaming as well.

Today we will be focusing on that side of the coin. Many people have realized the opportunities that online gaming brings, like making a career out of the industry by becoming the game developer, designer, reviewer, tester, streamer, or using this bookmaker to bet on the said games.

Making a career is one advantage that is easily acceptable for us, and physical changes are easily noticeable – what about the mental changes, though?

People’s Issue With Acceptance

Gaming helps sharpen your mind – this is a pill that people have a hard time swallowing. How can something that brings us joy also help better us? We are used to thinking that a process or substance that brings us good results is a representation of hardships.

A healthy lifestyle means letting go of bad, enjoyable habits, a good diet means letting go of tasty junk food, good grades means letting go of fun nights, and so on. So how can something that you enjoy doing also bring about good change?

Role in Online Education

Even educators around the world have started including educational video games when planning their lessons to get kids more interested. Games and interesting visuals hold the attention of the students and help them focus on what is in front of them. Interactive games and lessons make for active learning.

Video games stimulate your brain to work around the given situation and come up with a solution in a given timeframe while competing against something – people, situation, time, etc. This helps develop cognitive skills like better memory and enhanced problem-solving skills. Even if you buy things like d2 runes to help you get through the game quicker, you’ll still have to put in some work to get through the game. Creativity and analytical thinking – two different attributes that we value – both get good exercise with games.

Let’s Talk Puzzles

Puzzles are the most commonly used examples when talking about the good effects of games on anyone, and rightly so! Puzzles are known to put an ideal amount of pressure to solve them on the player’s mind. It uses concentration, planning, good short term memory, and motivation to get the end result.

The simple putting-the-pieces together activity sends the brain into a good workout session where it has to map out the strategy to put the pieces together – starting with the corner piece or the center, grouping similar colors together, grouping an area together, building different areas and then joining them, etc.

The brain also has to consider the time involved in doing the activity, is it a leisure activity or is it competing with anyone – people, computer games, personal best, etc.

It has to concentrate on making sure the right pieces are put together, or else many wrong moves can be made by pushing two wrong pieces together even once.

Short-term memory is important because you need to remember which piece you are looking for or if you saw the piece moments ago.

The motivation to finish the puzzle and see the end result helps your brain power through the activity. This activity teaches your brain about the concept of satisfaction and gives it a sense of achievement.

Puzzles are basically a mix of tactics and brain stimulations. They are one of the highest played online games as well. People don’t seem to let go of this simple concept because a lot of triggers are associated with the game – all good.

Bottom Line

Like puzzles, the other online games also push your mind to think outside the box, solve problems that arise, and help you learn time management. Not only that, important skills like decision making, planning, choosing courses of action, dealing with consequences – everything can be learned through online gaming.

Mind and brain enhancement is inevitable if the activity involves a lot of brainpower, is it? The takeaway is as simple as that for me. Yes, access to anything is harmful, so online gaming in moderation is the way to go.

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