SEOUL, South Korea, — With another overseas subsidiary establishment, Dove Wallet is now preparing for a full-fledged penetration into the global market in 2020.

Korean crypto finance services startup Childly announced the establishment of a UK subsidiary to ensure a more smooth & secure business operation for its crypto wallet service ‘Dove Wallet.’ Followed by subsidiary set up in the US and Canada last year, the UK has been chosen as a strategic foothold for Dove Wallet’s European market.

Establishment of the overseas subsidiary is more a reflection of the regulatory environment of the crypto business, which has been in full swing since last year. As new laws on the crypto business being enacted & materialized continuously, it is inevitable to respond preemptively to fulfill all the requirements for different crypto licenses by countries after countries to avoid any service disruption.

Since its official launch in April last year, Dove Wallet has been cruising with nearly 100,000 users. In particular, with the overseas users exceeding 95% of all users, which is why the regulatory changes abroad are crucial for Dove Wallet.

While effectively responding to the changes in big markets, Dove Wallet is also planning to make a bold foray into South America and Africa. Dove Wallet user stats indicate that the most significant influx is from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, and Colombia, where the cryptocurrency market is rapidly gaining its popularity as an alternative to the traditional legacy financial system. As the demand for cryptocurrency on the rise in these regions, Dove Wallet is now discussing the partnerships with local businesses to expand its market presence and actively consider the introduction of service functions tailored to the market, such as the introduction of local fiat currency services in the regions.

“We are very excited about the promising potential that Dove Wallet had shown since its launch,” said Euntai Kim, CEO of Childly.

Mr. Kim added, “With a carefully coordinated approach to crypto policy around the World, we look forward to paving the way for the global community with great importance, providing a crypto finance service with exciting benefits.”

Launched in 2019, Dove Wallet strives to enable users to learn about and easily access the cryptocurrency market in a secure environment. Community-focused, easily adaptable to a wide range of customers, Dove Wallet features include exclusive and original functionalities created to boost and ease the trading process, such as a ‘Daily Bonus’ and the ‘Key currency multi-order book.’


Founded and headquartered in Seoul, Korea, CHILDLY is a crypto finance startup that provides digital asset distribution services, “Mining Pool Hub(” and global crypto wallet service “Dove Wallet (”

Sung Nam Myung
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