According to a senior manager, the eBay trading platform is seriously considering accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. With this year’s Christmas business it will be nothing more. Like Yahoo! Finance reports that it could take a while before it launches.

On the subject of bitcoin, there is actually nothing on eBay that does not exist. In addition to countless books, BTC plastic cards, T-shirts, collecting coins, USB sticks and various hardware such as mining power supplies u. v. m. missing is really only the most important: namely the payment by Bitcoin itself.

Things may change in the near future, as Scott Cutler, senior vice president of corporate headquarters in San Francisco, told Yahoo! Finance that eBay is seriously considering using Bitcoin as a means of payment. At the same time cutler curbs too high expectations. It is not quite that far yet.

As the news magazine reports, the stock of the competitor (OSTK) since the beginning of 2014 by 250%. When Overstock introduced Bitcoin as the first major US trading venue on January 9, 2014, 800 orders totaling $ 126,000 were settled within 22 hours and paid for with the BTC. That was an increase of 4.33%. After the initial hype generated by the media, payment by cryptocurrency declined again. In May 2014, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne announced that the proportion was less than one percentage point. Far more optimistic Jack Dorsey expressed in October. The head of the mobile payment service Square, who also leads Twitter, told Yahoo !, that there is nothing more powerful in payment solutions than digital currencies.

eBay & Bitcoin – a win-win situation?

The eBay trading platform has always been under enormous competitive pressure from Amazon & Co. Therefore, an expansion of the offered means of payment would be a realistic opportunity to generate higher revenues. Of course, it remains to be seen how high the sales increase will be in the long term.

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