In a rapidly changing world, the focus on trading Bitcoin and crypto currency is rapidly evolving. The forex market, crypto currency market, the global currency trading market, are among the largest market in the world in trading volume, and in recent years Bitcoin has found its way into the market and made waves by outlasting its critics.

Passive income from ventures such as currency trading, investments, renting of properties and ownership stakes that require little to no active involvement is a key to building wealth, and brokers strive daily to find the most profitable and efficient methods for their clients.
Software is indisputably the new frontier of trading. With the rapid technological advances of recent years, banks and investment brokers have poured millions of dollars into computer automation in a race to find the most profitable trading platform. USI-TECH has worked to place itself at the forefront of this nascent field.

USI-TECH is the result of leading names joining together to create the most advanced software and make it available to common investors for the first time. This group aimed to develop software that would allow the most inexperienced investors to profit from the popular forex trading markets as well as a new way to grow your Bitcoin assets.

With a clear objective to develop the fastest and most reliable forex trading software, USI-TECH set out over the last eight years to carefully craft and then refine its software, putting over a hundred versions of the software through a wide range of long and short term tests. The team at USI-TECH valued knowledge that only comes with experience and with patience, took the time needed to develop software that would lead the field. The finished product was released in Autumn of 2016 and has quickly proven itself with up to 1% daily return on capital.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have quickly gone from a niche hobby to widespread acceptance, with Bitcoin leading the pack by far, and the past year has been the most remarkable. The value of Bitcoin has more than doubled over the past nine months and forecasts see the potential for over 400% growth over the next few years. Bitcoin is now accepted by many online merchants and is even gaining traction in physical stores and countries such as Japan and Australia having it fully legalized as payment method. Over one thousand Bitcoin ATMs and a range of online traders not only allow access to the currency, but cement its prospects.

USI-TECH partners with Bitcoin FX Traders, a group that boasts nearly return on investment over a 140+ day period, to combine trading and cryptocurrency expertise and make this new venture a highly profitable one in an emerging sector.

The USI-TECH model relies on the fact that nothing is more stable than a country’s currency. That is the basis of forex trading, and Bitcoin is no exception. Bitcoin has weathered every doubt and detraction and fully established itself as a currency, and one far more stable than those of many countries.

USI-TECH now offers direct access to its revolutionary and fully automatic new trading software both Forex and Bitcoin, which will allow the public to reap the benefits of this experienced partnership. For the more hands-off investor the company also offers Bitcoin packages, which take advantage of the company’s cryptocurrency expertise to trade specifically in Bitcoin and deliver the profits to investors.

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