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Despite all the speculations and criticism, cryptocurrency has become one of the most talked-about topics in the recent times, and this is evident from its widespread application in various fields. Given the decentralized nature of these virtual coins, which guarantee anonymity and faster transactions, cryptocurrencies can be exploited for illicit activities. While people are divided in their opinions regarding the status of cryptocurrencies, the market has witnessed a tremendous surge in digital currencies. Among the most ambitious crypto projects in the present time, Einsteinium stands out for its unique approach and philanthropic goals, which include raising money for scientific research, education, as well as other blockchain-based projects. Besides crowdfunding for scientific research, this Bitcoin-knockoff aims to provide an improved model for taxation.

Some Benefits of Investing in Einsteinium

Just like Bitcoin, EMC2 runs on a proof-of-work protocol, wherein the mining of this currency requires solving complex equations and puzzles.  With the supply of EMC2 capped at 245,000,000, the cryptocurrency is a finite digital asset.

Looking at its market response, the currency has gained great momentum in the cryptocurrency recently. If you are wondering whether or not the currency is a good investment, here are some beneficial aspects of the currency that will help you rethink your options.

  1. As a transparent blockchain project, Einsteinium enables users to track their transaction details. With the growing demands of anonymous financial assets, this feature can be a turn-off for many. But then, the risks of funds being misused can be reduced to a great extent.
  2. As evident from the trends, the tight security and advanced privacy features are the need of the hour. But a little transparency can go a long way in building a better user-engagement and going by the philanthropic inclinations, such a transparent blockchain solution encourages people to improve their involvement in the network.
  3. Talking in terms of politics, many political organizations are unfair and fund their choices for public office. Deploying an open-source and transparent platform can democratize the process, assuring citizens that the leaders have been fairly selected.
  4. Apart from incentivising philanthropic and political associations, it facilitates smooth adoption for conservative operations since the blockchain has the ability to work in compliance with the universal laws pertaining to KYC and AML.

Although EMC2 was first developed for philanthropic applications, especially raising funds for scientific research, the currency has evolved over the years to become a promising financial asset.

What Has Einsteinium Been Doing These Days?

Operational since 2014, EMC2 has rapidly grown to become a formidable altcoin in the crypto space. With developers working on updating the mining algorithm, the platform anticipates making it ASIC resistant and more decentralized. This means users can expect greater transaction speed and a lightning fast network in the following months. Tracing the developments on the blockchain, mention can be made of a number of notable events. To begin with, the blockchain has appointed Alexander Lucaci as the director of scientific affairs recently. Besides this, EMC2 has also been listed on important exchanges like CoinMonkey and The Einsteinium roadmap reveals the project is planning a huge expansion of the coin and its services.

Einsteinium and the Market

Introduced back in 2014, EMC2 was invisible for the greater part of the last few years, but it has managed to create a big momentum, rising up by 1800% against the dollar during a year’s time. Although the currency hasn’t performed well in past few weeks, it is making a comeback with positive price movements. The drop in the value, which can be associated with the last month’s steady market crash, is in check.

Traded down 13% against the dollar in the last 24 hours, EMC2 is available to traders at $0.160346 at the time of writing. Although the coin is trading in the red, the trading volume of the coin soared to reach $673,496. Ranking 225 as of 11th June 2018, Einsteinium’s market capitalization is tantamount to $34,808,742.

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