Even since the potential uses of blockchain technology started gathering attention, many entities have begun joining forces to create consortiums and working groups to further explore the technology. Over the past few years, Ethereum has gained prominence as a reliable protocol to enable the creation of seamless, flexible blockchain solutions.

When some of the heavyweights from various industry domains joined forces to create the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the news didn’t come as a surprise. Now, the very consortium, in under a year has surpassed its counterparts to become the largest blockchain alliance in the history, whose members not only include companies but government entities as well.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance recently announced its new achievement after it added a new batch of members to push the total number of participating entities beyond 150. The latest batch includes companies like 2Advise, Amalto Technologies, Antibiotic Research UK, Aquilon Energy Services Inc., ASSETH, BLOCKO Inc., Bloq, Cisco Systems, Cybersoft Digital Services, Enter Corporation,, Finclusion Labs, HashCash Consultants, HEAL Alliance,, Loyyal Corporation, MadHive, Mattr, NetObjx, OTP Bank, QIWI Blockchain Technologies, Revelry, RISKebiz and more. Among the new members are two universities — Lazarski University and Technical University of Munich, one bank — Scotiabank and the Government of Andhra Pradesh (one of the Indian state governments).

Speaking about the rapid growth and rising interest in the alliance from various sectors, the Chairman of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance board Julio Faura stated,

“EEA’s rapid growth in membership mirrors the accelerating acceptance and deployment of Ethereum blockchain solutions in the global marketplace. The technological breadth, depth and variety of organizations coming together under the auspices of EEA to create and drive enterprise Ethereum standards bodes well for the future development of the next-generation Ethereum ecosystem.”

A cross section of all the members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance shows a diversity in terms of industry participation. This diversity showcases not only the potential of blockchain technology but also the rising interest among various entities across the world to solve existing problems with distributed ledger implementation.

All these developments also act as an indicator of the alliance’s future, which at the moment seems bright. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has been growing strong and will continue to do so until it establishes itself as a leading body in the crypto-based solutions in the world.

Ref: EEA | Image: NewsBTC

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