The Eternal Trusts Token Pre-sale has been a great success so far but it is almost over, meaning that we are now in the final days where participants will be able to secure a 50% discount on tokens.

For those not familiar with the project, Eternal Trusts is the globally top rated token sale that is quickly turning into one of 2018’s most keenly watched events. This is hardly surprising given the fact that the ultimate objective of the Eternal Trusts team is for them to become the central hub for all of humanity’s dreams; not exactly the standard run-of-the-mill objective that you will typically find amongst the hundreds, if not thousands, of other ICOs that are taking place out there right now.

With so much scope to play with when it comes to dreams and aspirations, the short story is that Eternal Trusts is the world’s first blockchain platform that will enable the purchasing of future technologies in order to realise the dreams of today in the future. ET does this by using a unique combination of blockchain and AI that enables autonomous time-delayed acquisition and is ideally suited for scheduling the purchases of yet unavailable hi-tech products and services, whenever they become ethically, legally, and technologically possible in the future.

In order to ensure that clients’ dream can be achieved in the future, ET first helps them to formulate their dreams and goals in order to make sure that they are consistent with expectations on how science and technology are going to evolve in the coming years. Then, ET creates so-called discretionary purpose trusts for their clients, as well as all of the necessary legal infrastructure protecting clients’ assets from any claims from third parties. Assets in trusts are stored in the most reputable banks and are managed according to the most reliable long-term investment strategies. The company’s task then is to ensure that by the time the client’s goal becomes achievable, the trust has an excess of funds to pay for it.

Alongside all of this intricate planning into how to best formulate and then realise the dream when it becomes possible, clients can also preserve and store their DNA, their brains, or bodies, allowing for the application of new innovative procedures to the biomaterial in the future. The preservation of biomaterials is an essential part of the process as it is likely that a client’s dreams may not be achievable in their lifetime.

It’s quite likely that all of this information has blown your mind and that you would love to hear more. The great news is that the Eternal Trusts team are preparing to do exactly that as they take off on a tour of events over the next few months while the main token sale takes place. In the coming weeks, the Eternal Trusts team will be represented at the Monaco International Blockchain event over the 16th and 17th of May, and also at the Priority Token tour of China. As part of the Priority Token tour, the ET team will be in Shanghai on May 23, Hangzhou on May 25, Shenzhen on May 28, and Chengdu on May 30.

You can also learn more about the Eternal Trusts project on their website, or follow them on any of their social media channels.

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