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Crypto markets have been experiencing series of losses and gains on a daily basis. With Bitcoin stuck below $9500 USD, altcoins are having a hard time driving the market to the green zone. Although, the market sentiments and daily gains have gained most people’s interest and some altcoins have reached quite a high profit in the current situation. When it comes to Ethereum, also known as Bitcoin killer, we know for a fact that it is equivalent to the safest bet made in crypto. Ethereum foundation has been actively and diligently making progress to keep their blockchain unsurpassable and has been making headlines regarding their influential role on ICO after SEC’s scrutiny. In this article, we shall decide how Ethereum can lead its investors towards success.

The Reason behind Ethereum Hype:

The reason why Ethereum is a well-known success story and a millionaire’s dream is that it has always been a promising blockchain technological breakthrough instead of settling with the tag of being a mere digital currency. Ethereum prices have been moving sideways till Friday, but since the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin announced a new fund endorsed by Ethereum (Ethereum Community Fund) it has led the cryptocurrency on the path towards some massive gains. The project is said to be a combined brainchild of many renowned and strong blockchain projects such as Global Blockchain Labs, OmiseGO, Golem, Cosmos, Maker, and Tendermint. All of these companies are in the process of developing dApps on Ethereum platform which is why they are practically rival projects in a sense. But the joint efforts made by these companies prove their motive to strengthen Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum Launches Casper Version 1.0:

As ethereum is eventually transiting from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, there’s been Ethereum buzz scattered all around the community. The rumors were put to rest on Tuesday when Ethereum developers announced the launch of their awaited Casper Network upgraded version. This launch will positively play an important role in Ethereum’s upcoming transformation. Danny Ryan, a New Orleans based developer is responsible for providing developers, auditors and other external parties mean to integrate the source code into their software for testing purposes. He has commented that the upgraded Casper version 0.1.0 would help them clearly tagging releases to help their clients and auditors to track contacts and all changes. Casper serves as the core component of Ethereum’s plan to transform the norms of blockchain gets updated by the network and make it even more secure.

SEC Makes Scrutiny over Ethereum

The pending court cases which are going to decide, whether Ethereum is a security or not, has made everyone interested in blockchain and Ethereum doubt themselves. Although there are some experts who have a logical explanation to prove that Ethereum has always been a security but it’s up to the investors to wait and watch how the recent scrutiny on Ethereum influences the market sentiments. The jury involved in the aforementioned court case will decide the security nature of Ethereum through ICOs which have been marked as scams. These ICOs will also act as defendants in the case. It’ll be a decisive take on the fate of all pre-existent as well as future ICOs on the ICO friendly platform of Ethereum. This sudden attack on Ethereum is being bashed by many supporters of the platform saying that cryptocurrencies cannot be categorized as financial assets unless the current laws and regulations undergo an amendment.

Market Position:

As per the data available on CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is ranked as the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. It has a market capital that is equal to a whopping $75.3 billion USD. At the time of writing, the individual price of Ether is approximately $758.68 USD and its rising at the rate of 3.47%. A total of $2.88 billion USD worth of Ether has exchanged hands within the past 24 hours. Its evident how gigantic Ethereum’s existence is as compared to other altcoins. The price point touched the mark of $850 USD in the previously. There are chances that the bulls are still in control and if all goes well there will be record-breaking figures ahead of us.


Ethereum is one of the most hyped cryptocurrencies of all time and like most of the altcoins, it has been recovering overnight for its lost value overnight. Being a huge influencer of crypto markets, it is the first one to effectively go in the green among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. No matter how small the gain is, the intensifying momentum could transform the entire situation and we shall observe Ethereum setting new records in no time. The current buzz regarding solving scalability problems with the help of ‘Sharding’, Ethereum (ETH) shows that the Ethereum team is consistently developing ways to boost the platform and keep it on the track to greatness.

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