The company Biostar has announced the TB250-BTC Pro mainboard and expansion cards. It targets Mining machines for cryptosciences and has twelve unusual PCI Express slots to connect graphics cards. Via riser cards and special cables, the cards can be connected to 11 PCIe x1 slots, except for the PCIe-x16 slot. The comparatively low data transfer rate of PCIe x1 is not a bottleneck at Ethereum Mining. For example, Kolink is offering these riser cards at around EUR 15 (Kolink ZURC-007, PCIe x1 to x16). You route the x1 signal to an external x16-sized slot via a USB cable.

Biostar has now shown on Facebook a picture with special riser cards, which divide the data stream of a single x1 slot on up to 13 cards. The TB250-BTC Pro can be connected to eight such riser cards and can theoretically operate up to 104 graphics cards. However, the corresponding riser cards are not yet found in price-search machines.

The Biostar-Board TB250-BTC Pro is listed in European countries as of 175 Euro.

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