Europol has made it known that it is in the process of creating a game which will assist in training law enforcement officers on how to look into the illegal usage of virtual currencies perhaps by helping them investigate several patterns of blockchain data.

Cryptocurrency-Tracing Serious Game

The game which the agency refers to as a ‘cryptocurrency-tracing serious game’ is being created in partnership with CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence, and Organised Crime Research) which will help officials in the examination of offences in which virtual currencies are used.

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The project is expected to be introduced at the 7th Europol-INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference which is set to take place in October, this information is in accordance with an announcement published by Europol concerning its 6th Cryptocurrency Conference.

Although the particulars of the game have not been revealed, it is expected to utilise gamification in the development of training opportunities for law enforcement officers in order to help them enhance the tracking of virtual currency transactions.

While the conference was going on, experts in the industry from law enforcement agencies shared their best practices when dealing with investigations related to digital currency and explained how they went ahead with virtual currency exchanges Bestmixer and Wall Street Market, a dark web marketplace.

Europol Recently Closed Down Bestmixer and a Dark Web Marketplace

However, the Wall Street Market was taken down earlier in May, an action which made some people believe that the founders pulled an exit scam.
Bestmixer was also closed down later in the month in the “first law enforcement action of its kind.”

A short while after, virtual currency mixing service Bitcoin Blender folded up on its own probably because it expected to be next in line to be investigated by agencies in Europe. If this continues, the European crypto community could be under threat.


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