DIGI Token is one of the prominent cryptocurrency platforms at the moment, trying to create an entire ecosystem including a revolutionary marketplace for the digital goods segment. We, at NewsBTC caught up with the founder of DIGI Platform — Faisal Ghaffar to know a bit more about what they have set out to achieve. We threw a set of questions at him, and Ghaffar’s response to those questions are listed below.

Q:  Can you please explain how DIGI aims to revolutionize the digital goods industry?

A: We feel creating a platform that is accessible without banking restrictions, aims to solve copyright issues and reduces the high commissions digital content creators face is the key formula which will ensure we are the largest platform of its kind.

Q: How is DIGI Platform different from other existing platforms and services?

A: The main difference is the DIGI Token, this will remove the need for commission levels that authors are used to and enable us to offer a solution to the issues faced in this industry that I have previously mentioned. The DIGI Token itself will be an exclusive token which will only be used on our platform giving us full control and focus on growing the value.

Q: Some of these platforms have already integrated or planning to integrate Bitcoin payments. How is that going to impact the DIGI ecosystem? 

A:  We do not feel this will have any impact on our ecosystem at all. One of the reasons is that we will be first to market with our opportunity and our offering. Platforms will be able to include cryptocurrency such as bitcoin as a form of payment but will find it extremely difficult to change their working business model, especially changing their commission models. Bitcoin and other cryptos can have volatile highs and lows based on external factors unrelated to the platform which they are compatible on, with the DIGI Token we aim to eliminate this as our focus is solely on the DIGI Platform and Token.

Q: What made you think of creating an alternative to the existing solutions?

A: It all stems from my previous experience with a website templates platform which I founded. It was successful to an extent but I faced many challenges and issues along the way. This was acquired in 2015, and ever since I have been trying to formulate a strategy for a worldwide platform that could solve these core issues. Raising the funds through an ICO, the creation of a digital currency and Blockchain technology has made it possible in many ways.

Q: At what stage is the project currently in?

A: We have already started Phase 1 of our roadmap. This includes the UI for the DIGI wallet and platform with an aim to start development earlier than projected. We are also in discussions with exchange platforms for listing the DIGI Token. We are very confident in the delivery of the project and are ahead of schedule.

Q: What does DIGI Token intend to do following the ICO? 

A: Following the ICO we will continue as per our roadmap and launch this project on or before schedule. The workload is immense but we are fully prepared and ready to go. It now falls down to contributors to help us get this project off the ground and make this a success.

Q: Do you have plans for any partnerships with existing players or digital content providers? 

A: Our plans are to partner with existing providers who create great digital products. I already have a lot of successful contacts in the industry who would be keen to join. The plan is there but we have to take a step at a time to ensure longevity and a successful business.

Q: Anything you would like our readers to know about?

A: Well the token sale ends in less than a week and we would love your readers to find out more about us and contribute. Also, the current rate for our token sale is 1 ETH = 600 DIGI, and we do have some fantastic bonus opportunities that are listed on our website for our contributors.

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