Bitcoin margin trading platforms are becoming more popular as of late. First Global Credit, the first company bringing mainstream profit opportunities to bitcoin holders, added several dozen new stocks to their platform. All of these stocks are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As a result, bitcoin traders can now buy stocks from Chinese companies traded on the HKEX. Bridging the gap between traditional stocks and bitcoin is an excellent way to make cryptocurrency more mainstream.

The world of cryptocurrency remains somewhat of a niche market for most mainstream investors. Being able to use bitcoin as a way to invest in publicly-traded companies all over the world will change that perspective over time. First Global Credit is the first company to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and mainstream profit opportunities in the stock market. Last year, the company added several UK shares to their platform, attributing to the 350% trading growth the platform experienced in 2016.

FGC Adds HKEX Stocks To Its Platform

Most bitcoin holders have very few use cases for their newly acquired wealth. Rather than converting it back to national currencies, investing in foreign stocks can help one grow their portfolio. Trading a broad range of international equities presents an appealing use case for cryptocurrency to mainstream investors. Diversification of a trading portfolio remains key and holding on to bitcoin creates new opportunities as time progresses.

First Global Credit Founding Director Marcie Terman stated:

“We are now serving growing numbers of traders in Africa and Latin America, as well as parts of Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and even Nepal,” stated Terman. This is following the pattern we expected to see where cryptocurrency is adopted more widely in certain jurisdictions where ‘conventional’ market economies exclude all but the most wealthy participants. It is not only through efficiencies in cross-borders payment transactions that cryptocurrency is benefiting the average person.”

The addition of over 50 fast-moving stocks to First Global Credit is an important milestone for the company. Giving investors access to Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed assets validates bitcoin as a powerful financial tool Moreover, this change allows smaller investors to diversify their portfolio as well. There is no reason to put all of one’s eggs into the same basket, even when it contains an amount of bitcoin.

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