A newly-established blockchain-based application, which promises to democratize cryptocurrency accessibility and use, is has shared that it soon to reach the latest milestone in its project’s roadmap. The Fixy Network, which offers its proprietary eponymous solution, is proud to announce its imminent ICO, which is set to be held in May, 2018.

The Fixy Network is a novel concept that was developed to address some of the most crucial issues currently associated with cryptocurrency purchase and mass adoption, which include, but are not limited to, the difficulty to enter the cryptocurrency market; the current, low levels of digital currency use in day-to-day life; the centralized nature of exchanges; and the challenge of exchanging cryptocurrency for cash, in a simple, and immediate manner.

The key concept of the Fixy Network relies on its two key features: the use of a decentralized market, and a decentralized exchange, which will allow anyone with to participate in the cryptocurrency market, without having to go through a lengthy and time-consuming verification process.

More specifically, entry to the cryptocurrency market will be made via the Fixy Crypto Gift Card, which will be sold by Fixy Network-verified stores and purchased in FIAT. The aforementioned stores will be easily located through the Fixy App Store Location feature, and one of Fixy Network team’s goals is to make the Fixy Crypto Gift Gard in as many retail spots possible. Post-purchase, users be able to deposit the gift card amount in the Fixy App, and then directly in the Fixy decentralized exchange and decentralized marketplace.

Once entering in the Fixy decentralized exchange and decentralized marketplace, users can participate in OTC trading, and convert their money into the cryptocurrency of their choice, or in FIAT, and vice versa – without any fees charged by Fixy.

In addition to cryptocurrency, the Fixy Network team intends for the Fixy decentralized marketplace to be both private and commercial, with the participation of both individual users and Partnering companies. The latter will be able to join the Fixy decentralized marketplace through paying an entry fee, in the form of the Fixy Network’s proprietary token, Fixy (FXY). Through joining the Fixy Marketplace, companies can advertise their products and services, and list virtually any product for sale or renting, tapping into the vast client potential client pool comprised of Fixy App users.

“The Fixy Network is intent on making cryptocurrency transactions and cryptocurrency trading straightforward, and available to all investors, regardless of their initial capital, or their educational and financial background” said Mr.  Hasan Turgut, Fixy Network media representative.

“68% of the FXY tokens will be made available during public ICO and 5% of total supply is already taken by private investors – a percentage which is much larger than that of the average percentage of tokens given out during this phase by the vast majority of up-and-coming digital currencies. After our ICO’s conclusion, our next step is to enable the Fixy App Airdrop capability, as well as the Fixy Network OTC Trade, while, by the end of the year, we expect to launch the Fixy App Games, which aim to bolster user participation, and give community members the opportunity to win marvelous rewards. What’s more, the first version of the Fixy Network Marketplace for private sellers is most likely to go live in March, 2019. It is sure to be an exciting year for the Fixy Network, and we can’t wait for users to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor.”

Further information with regards to the exact date of the company’s ICO commencement will be released in future communications with the press.


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Company Name: Fixy Network Limited

Address: 20th Floor, Central Tower,

28 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong


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