What did former Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev Know about Ruja Ignatova?

On May 25, a gangland slaying of Bulgarian mafioso Krasimir Kasenov and three other victims including his wife took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The as yet unsolved murder has been linked both to Bulgaria’s recently removed Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and OneCoin fugitive billionaire Ruja Ignatova. South Africa’s Daily Maverick newspaper has been investigating and has turned up numerous leads confirming the involvement of OneCoin.

In December 2021 a petition was filed by Dr. Jonathan Levy, a UK lawyer representing OneCoin victims, with the Bulgarian Constitutional Ombudsman alleging Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Geshev was protecting the OneCoin organized crime group founded by fugitive billionaire Ruja Ignatova.  The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has since requested repeatedly that Geshev open an investigation.

In February of this year additional information emerged that both Ignatova and the Chief Homicide Inspector for Sofia may have been murdered by the same violent crime group associated with Kasenov. Levy again requested an investigation suggesting that Ignatova’s death may have been faked by the same criminal organization. Geshev then belatedly sought Kasenov’s arrest but not before Geshev claimed he had narrowly escaped a bomb plot.

On June 12 Bulgaria’s Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) voted to dismiss Ivan Geshev as Prosecutor-General, with 16 votes in favor and four opposed on a motion that Geshev brought the judiciary into disrepute.  Geshev was also accused of protecting former high ranking members of the Bulgarian government from corruption charges including those connected to Ruja Ignatova.

Dr. Levy has now filed a new request that the new Acting Chief Prosecutor reopen the OneCoin investigation and seize assets for the benefit of victims.  In support of this request Duncan Arthur, OneCoin’s former compliance officer has made a sworn declaration indicating Kasenov may have been present at a OneCoin meeting in London and detailing OneCoin’s extensive contacts in Africa.  Dr. Levy additionally provided information on the 230,000 Bitcoins that it is believed Ignatova obtained in several offline wallets worth billions of dollars.

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