In the immediate aftermath of Satoshi Nakamoto’s groundbreaking white paper that introduced Bitcoin and the blockchain to the world, the main focus of attention for developers was how to leverage this technology to improve payment processing. Many of the startups and cryptocoins that emerged in that period were mere derivatives of Bitcoin and they all served the same basic function. In no distant time, it became apparent that blockchain technology was more than just a means to develop digital currencies. Experts began to realize that Blockchain technology; the first successful implementation of the Distributed Ledger Framework could be the key to solving many problems in diverse aspects of the business process.

With that at in mind, Blockchain technology applications have transcended payment processing into numerous spheres of the business scene. The introduction of a workable smart contract protocol framework allows for many intuitive blockchain-based applications to be created. These applications offer robust solutions to a lot of problems and they create a platform for improvement in business, digital technology and the eventual actualization of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

In 2017, cryptocurrency ICOs became the favorite means of crowdfunding for startups eclipsing traditional venture capital crowdfunding schemes. The open and decentralized nature of ICOs removed the bottlenecks associated with IPOs and other mainstream crowdfunding methods. This allowed a great many novel business ideas that would hitherto have not seen the light of day, to become established. While there are critics of the ICO model, no one can assert that it hasn’t been successful.

Fundraising and Online Deals

The current state of both Fundraising Campaigns and Online Deals Sites is one in which there are a lot of problems associated with compliance, scalability, and security. While it may appear that both of these areas are unrelated, the fact is they do have a lot in common especially considering that both of them are incentivized activities.

A great deal of money has been raised in recent years from fundraising campaigns and online deals which have created funding for many endeavors around the world. However, there exists a fundamental problem pertaining to accessibility and high platform fees which prevent many worthy causes from being able to secure funding for their projects.

One of the biggest recipes for success within the framework on the mainstream fundraising campaign scene is the ability of a campaign to be associated with the recognizable organizations. This helps to bring the campaign to the attention of a wider audience which invariably culminates in being able to raise more funds. Not every campaign will be fortunate enough to have such partners and backers.

Many fundraising platforms also charge fees in the region of 5 to 10 percent of the total funds raised. Considering the humanitarian nature of some of these causes, this is simply unacceptable.

Apart from these problems highlighted in the preceding narrative, there is also the issue of lack of support for cryptocurrencies. These tokens are becoming an integral part of the global business process and should be an avenue for funding. Taking a cue from the ICO model, fundraising and online deals could benefit greatly from integrating cryptocurrency support into their operating framework.

Many businesses struggle with customer retention. Even with regular online deals, promotions, vouchers, coupons, and discounts, many customers tend not to return once the prices of products and services revert back to their normal values. Also, trying to use discounts, coupons, and vouchers can impact negatively on the bottom line figures of the business.

The FundCru Ecosystem

In order to effectively address the issues that have plagued the fundraising and online deals market, FundCru is leveraging the unlimited potential of Blockchain technology to foster greater cooperation among all stakeholders. The power of blockchain is centered on the principle of decentralized control which brings everyone together without any hierarchy in the network. All participants of the blockchain have to work together to achieve the shared goals and objectives of the network.

The FundCru ecosystem is composed primarily of three groups of stakeholders; fundraisers, merchants, and supporters. The FundCru blockchain solution removes the barriers that hinder the effective communication and collaboration of these three stakeholders, creating a platform for the creation of even greater economic value.

In the FundCru ecosystem, fundraisers have an unrestricted access to a platform that enables them to promote their campaigns to a wider audience without worrying about platform fees or trying to get sponsors and backers. Merchants can apply to register on the FundCru platform and display their deals, promotions, vouchers, and coupons etc. Merchants also have the option of partnering with fundraisers on the platform as well. All the while, there is an ever growing community of supporters who can partner with the various campaigns on display. Those who are not able to donate can help campaigns grow by utilizing the power of social media. Sharing information about these campaigns on their social media pages will increase the exposure gained and lead to even more support.

Within the FundCru ecosystem, there are open channels of communication between all parties. This ensures that everyone is being carried along. Merchants are better able to retain their customers and supporters have an avenue to voice opinions, complaints, and inquiries.


The Token

FundCru token or FUND is the native currency of the FundCru platform. Along with ETH and debit/credit card payment, it serves as the means by which transactions can be carried out within the FundCru blockchain. With the FundCru platform being an Ethereum-based platform, the FundCru token is ERC20 compliant.

The Team

The FundCru team is made up of highly accomplished individuals in their respective fields. They all boast years of verifiable experience with different reputable organizations around the world. Many members of the team also have relevant blockchain technology experience which is important for any blockchain-based startup.

Some of the team members include Duc Pham (CEO), Thanh Ngo (Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Data Science expert), Kevin Marume (Python and Java coding expert), and Larry Wang (IT expert), just to mention a few.

Closing Remarks

By leveraging the power of smart contracts and a real-time web system, the FundCru platform will be able to offer robust solutions to the fundraising and online deals market. Fundraisers and Merchants alike will enjoy the advantage of using a service that removes all the bottlenecks inherent in their operations. Supporters also will have total freedom in which campaigns to support and the products/services that they receive.