With the trend of having the new latest phone once it is released to consumers worldwide, makes the smartphones last only for about a year in the hands of the consumers before the latest phone is adopted.

Apple for example releases a new phone every year, creating the lust for buying the latest new phone and so in a way decreasing the life of the phone as many smartphones users, worldwide, keep them for less than a year. This then increases global e-waste, as smartphones that can still be used or renewed are thrown away.

Throwing away smartphones might be the only option for most consumers that have damaged smartphones. As they may not know that there are possibilities for repair, or they know that repair options are quite exclusive and inexpensive like Apple trying to monopolize the repairing system for their iPhones and other Apple products.

Galaxy eSolutions (GES) plans to cut through this by providing a way for consumers to trade their smartphones and to open a gateway for repairs through the releases of new marketplaces where users of smartphones and other electronics can trade in their products. Also, through repairing and renewing smartphones and electronics, GES extend the lifecycles of them in terms of durability and functionality.

About GES

Founded 2016 in Hong Kong, the international trading hub, Galaxy eSolutions is a global e-commerce marketplace and distribution in refurbished, pre-owned, consumer electronics specifically smartphones. By repairing and renewing the smartphones for extended product life GES is positions itself as a Green company in the refurbished smartphones market.

With the ICO, the funds will be used to implement the growth strategies that will allow GES to expand. The GES whitepaper shows the allocation of tokens and how funds will be used in the upcoming years.

Yuen Wong, Co-Founder & CEO Galaxy eSolutions:

“The Galaxy eSolutions’ ICO is a chance for funders to get their hands into a multi-billion dollar market. The reward for funders will be a generous profit sharing model and all tokens are backed by real products.”

The GES tokens are compatible with ERC-20 wallets, and only Ether (ETH) can be used to buy them. The tokens are also a form of utility where they can be used on GES e-commerce marketplaces.

Timeline of pre-sale bonus period:
1. Pre-Sale 1: From 17th November to 23th November: With 30% bonus.
2. Pre-Sale 2: From 24th November to 30th November: With 20% bonus.
3. Pre-Sale 3: From 1st December to 7th December: With 10% bonus.

From the 8th December 2017 [12:00 UTC] the public ICO will commence till 15th January 2018 [11:59 UTC].

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