Recently Diginomics reported that worldwide, Crypto miners were using more electricity than Serbia. Eric Holthaus calculated that by July 2019 Bitcoin would require more electricity than all of the United States and that by November of 2020, we’d use more electricity mining cryptos than we would for the entire world, this is quite a worrying statistics. With the global awareness of cryptocurrency increasing and the interest in the financial benefits that accompany it, people are turning to “cryptocurrency mining” to make ends meet. But what effect is this having on our planet?

Global warming is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its related effects, as part of climate change. Through the releasing of fossil fuel emissions, derived from physical mines, power stations, automobiles, factories and many other sources we are destroying the planet that we hold so dear. In 2015 tech-giant Google used 5.7TWh of power and in 2017, they went completely renewable.

HashByte – Making Green Mining a Possibility

When we first started HashByte in 2015 we made it our goal to find a solution to lowering cryptocurrencies impact on global warming worldwide. We are firm believers in climate change and have mentioned and acted on this passion multitudes of times. In May of 2018 when we made our renewable and green cloud-mining service public we made our intentions clear, not just only to beat the competition by offering the lowest possible cloud mining contracts and creating a profitable company for both us and our investors but also a company that instigates change.

Through our strong relationship with leading tech manufacturers, renewable energy experts and diverse advisors we are proud to announce the world’s first, renewable energy driven miner – GreenHash™. Our new mining hardware promises to be a revolutionary invention for miners and the cryptocurrency landscape in general. GreenHash™ will be available to the public 2nd quarter of 2019 and will consume purely renewable energy, annihilating the need for the current fossil fuel powered electric miners.

GreenHash™ +  EcoChain

Alongside GreenHash™ we are also excited to announce its partner in planet-saving, EcoChain™ one of the first consensus algorithms to be made which focuses itself on being highly energy efficient which we hope will be used as the new benchmark for emerging algorithms of the future.

A technical white paper that further explains EcoChain™ and how it will work alongside GreenHash™ will be released soon.

Initial Coin Offering – $HSB

To assist in making GreenHash™ and EcoChain™ a reality sooner we are starting an ICO 1st – 15th of Dec 2018, targeted at raising funds to further R&D and to make the dream of a renewable crypto mining future come true. This would be achieved through the combination of technical professionals in a variety of fields as well as with a strong advisory board – we want to ensure that this goal comes to fruition as soon as possible and we are welcoming the community to join us on this quest. We believe that GreenHash™ and EcoChain™ will set the precedence of how cryptocurrency mining should be.

If you are interested in becoming an advisor, we will be conducting interviews with field professionals from now until the 15th of December. Please forward your request to [email protected] with an attached CV.

$HSB Airdrop for HashByte Cloud-Mining Users

For 14 days, starting on the 15th of October, HashByte will be running $HSB Airdrop exclusively for users of its cloud mining platform up until the 30th of October. To be eligible for the $HSB Airdrop an active cloud mining account is required. Join the official HSB Airdrop Telegram group for more information.

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