The IOTA technology is a fundamental platform in today’s cryptocurrency industry. Its native token has maintained a top 15 market cap position for the better part of the project’s existence. A good number of blockchain & crypto projects have developed their ideas based on the IOTA platform earning it a good reputation & working relationships within the crypto space.

Topocare, a German company looking to solve flood-affiliated challenges is said to be working on a protocol to link its system with the IOTA blockchain network. According to a medium post, Topocare is developing a Proof of Concept consensus that will facilitate its integration with IOTA in the near future. This infrastructure design will enable machine interaction and efficient information management within a secure & transparent ecosystem.

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These two firms have a common technical skeleton when it comes to their mode of operation. Topocare, plans on implementing a machine to machine payment protocol, an idea that is close to IoT (Internet of Things) used by IOTA’s blockchain. The machine-to-machine payments intended by Topocare aims to enhance the level of interaction between machines such that they can handle transactions based on an agreement. Therefore, the IOTA blockchain platform plays a fundamental role to achieve this end.

Topocare & IOTA Prospects

Topocare is in the production business where the German based company is known for developing anti-flood machinery tools. The firm’s technology & expertise has developed geotextile tubes filled with sand to act as barriers during flooding seasons. This comes in handy in preventing erosion while embankments, dams & levees are built. Furthermore, the machines make economic sense by all means.

In order to achieve a functional Proof-of-Concept, Topocare has resulted to implementing a Pay-per-use/Pay-on-Production (PoP) approach. This means that users will have to make payments along the production process for each step completed.

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