A new Blockchain game is designed to allow gamers to monetize their time.

Gods Unchained allows users to purchase digital playing cards. The concept fits in many areas.

The game was not quite started yet, it had already developed a bigger hype than any other Blockchain game before. In mid-July, a public beta version of “Gods Unchained,” a game that deals with finding virtual trading cards, was released. Fuel Games, a start-up that has already sold millions of cards, generated $ 4 million in pre-sales alone.

But why is it all so exciting? There are many similar titles. To understand why “God’s Unchained” is supposed to be a revolution, one has to look at a special kind of cryptotoken, the so-called Non-fungible tokens, in short NFT. Despite complex technical details, the idea is simple: it is a collector’s item for the users. A bit like a rare baseball card or a “beanie baby”.

And best of all, users can see via a blockchain network, whether it is an original, because it can be cryptographically authenticity, without the need of a central authority. Many people believe that the concept is powerful enough to finally motivate the masses to use – or at least play with – blockchains.

“Magic: The Gathering” as the ancestor

Trading card games with a competitive factor have been around for decades, both physically and digitally. “God’s Unchained” is similar to the physical card game “Magic: The Gathering”, which first appeared in 1993. Players of “Gods Unchained” must create their own decks of cards by collecting cards that offer them benefits, which in turn presents itself as a battle between the characters on the card. Rarer cards are more valuable.

Around 20 million people play “Magic: The Gathering” and there is a huge secondary market for players to buy and sell valuable cards. A number of online card games use a similar style of play, but “God’s Unchained” is unique through the NFTs and the use of the Ethereum Blockchain. Players really hold the cards in their possession, which makes it much like collecting baseball cards. Players store the cards in a digital wallet and can sell or trade them to others. Once the game is completely started, Fuel Games will no longer be able to change the attributes of the cards.

No new concept

The NFT concept comes from special tokens that work on the Ethereum Blockchain. It first became popular in 2017, when start-up Axiom Zen allowed users to breed and trade virtual cats on the entertainment title CryptoKitties. Since then, there have been other crypto collecting games and there are also marketplaces for NFTs trading CryptoKitties and similar assets. Other blockchains use their own versions of the NFTs.

Some users think that NFTs will have effects beyond games, such as physical art. In addition, the technology could serve as a digital land register.

Meanwhile, however, “Gods Unchained” (and similar games) will change the relationship between the game makers and the players themselves. That also believes in Fuel Games co-founder Robbie Ferguson.

The old model is to get out of the users “as much rent as possible” by offering them enough value in the game. These include freemium titles with in-app sales that enhance the gaming experience. Thanks to NFTs, game manufacturers can now create real digital assets that will earn players – with high profits. “Blockchains allow users to monetize their time.”

image by Fuel Games

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