Analysts point to the similarity of dynamics of Google Trends now and in May last year.

The latest data from Google Trends shows that the downward trend in the price of Bitcoin may have reached the bottom and is unfolding towards an uptrend.

The price of Bitcoin peaked in mid-December 2017, reaching $ 20,000, while the number of users requesting Bitcoin on Google also peaked.

Google Trends data – anonymous, categorized and unbiased selection of Google search data, allows you to track trillions of search queries per year by region and category, says Bitcoinist.

And according to Google Trends, the activation of Bitcoin’s search on the network was recorded in May 2017, when Bitcoin’s price started a parabolic ascent to new record highs in December .

At present, we see a repetition of the same trend, which indicates that Bitcoin has begun to reverse to an uptrend, the newspaper writes.

It should be noted that despite positive news and confidence in the growth of some analysts’ crypto, investing in crypto-currencies requires caution and market knowledge.

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