Recently, we reported on multiple examples of luxury homes being offered in exchange for cryptocurrency. The latest property seller wishing to receive digital currency as opposed to fiat is somewhat lower profile than the stories previously covered.

Sean Atkinson told online news publication TheRegister that he’d noticed others offering their high end properties for Bitcoin so figured he’d try and sell his Grimsby terraced house for crypto too. Our international readers might not be aware of where Grimsby is. To put it in a way they should understand, without being too derogatory about the residents of the UK seaside town: if Charles Dickens were to name a town like Grimsby, he’d struggle to find a more fitting title.

When asked  about his decision to list the property for Bitcoin, Atkinson said he believed the currency would appreciate in value. The freelance yoga teacher, film-maker, and festival organiser claims the digital currency represents a worthier store of value even than property and certainly one that is greater than cash. He’s even disappointed he can’t take the entire payment in Bitcoin as there is £100 admin fee to pay to his solicitor:

For me it seems like a much better longer term investment. Unfortunately, I can’t do the entire sale in Bitcoin, due to the process I have to go through with my with solicitor, which means there is also a cash payment required of £100.

The property, located at 158 Wellholme Road, has been Atkinson’s home for 25 years. According to the site it’s listed on, it is a “large, light and sun filled property” that is close to conveniences and around a fifteen minute walk from the local amenities. Whilst it might not be as grandiose as the Moscow Mansion offered by the Kalinka Group, the Georgian townhouse comes considerably cheaper at just 18 Bitcoin, or 1/100th of the price of the Russian crypto real estate. Unfortunately, for the asking price of the Grimsby property, buyers won’t receive the Turkish bath, open-air Jacuzzi, or the snow room but they will get double-glazing, off road parking, and a solar thermal system to keep running costs down.

The latest piece of crypto real estate isn’t the first property to be offered for Bitcoin in the UK either. Earlier this month, we reported of a listing on Portobello Road, London. Again, the property in question is a higher end one than that on the market in Grimsby. Another key difference is the fact that the seller in London will exclusively accept Bitcoin. For Sean Atkinson, the cryptocurrency is merely his preferred choice for his northern home. He will also accept “the usual government issued fiat currency, UK pounds” if there is insufficient interest in using Bitcoin for the sale.



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