John McAfee launches its own hardware wallet, the Bitfi Wallet, to compete with Ledger. According to McAfee, the device is unhackable. To prove this, McAfee has offered $ 100,000 in prize money and has invited all interested parties to crack the Bitfi Wallet developed by him and his team.

The team all around McAfee is so confident in their development of the Bitfi Wallet that they are offering a $ 100,000 bonus should they succeed in hacking the wallet.

According to John McAfee, the developed wallet is the first inhospitable wallet the world has ever seen. The cost of using the wallet is $ 120, which is slightly higher than for example. at Ledger Nano S.

The special thing about this wallet is that, like the Ledger Blue, it has a display and the private keys are not stored at any time, even during the communication of the device via WLAN.

The device must be unlocked to unlock with a passphrase (“Summer is beautiful”) or a password. Furthermore, there will never be updates for the software as the system should work perfectly in its current version. The following video shows McAfee briefly introducing the device.

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