The healthcare sector has seen various advancements over the years. Lifespans all over the world are on a rise and it is indeed a major feat for the sector. However – while the medical part of it is developing well, the healthcare infrastructure as such is something which has been losing ground with a number of users over fraud and transparency issues. Healthureum is a blockchain based system which offers solution to these problems.

Healthureum is an Ethereum based platform which provides the a healthcare management system the likes of which have never been created. The system brings in transparency in healthcare management. It improves the transparency between the caregiver and the patient as well as helps the patients in various ways.

Let us take a closer look at what Healthureum is:

What is Healthureum?

Healthureum is a blockchain based system for healthcare management which also has its own cryptocurrency – the HHEM token. The system was conceptualized by a number of experts from diverse fields and various countries. The planning for developing a blockchain based Healthcare management system began back in the September of 2016. Since then, the development has been on and the roadmap is ready till mid-2019!

Healthureum offers an innovative, modern day approach to healthcare management. It is all set to make various things easier in the world of healthcare management. These include record keeping, inventory management, video consultancies, better and faster payments and various other services which help increase the trust and transparency of the patients in the healthcare system.

Healthureum’s HHEM Token

The HHEM cryptocurrency token is the means of transactions and payments on the Healthureum platform. There are smart contracts which can be executed on the Healthureum blockchain – allowing a better healthcare management and payments system, the likes of which has never been implemented before.

The system knows all the healthcare services provided to a patient and they will be listed and charged for. This way there would be a transparency in the process and the user will know beforehand what they are paying for – eliminating any fraud and providing more credibility to the organizations.

The HHEM Token can be used for paying various other things too. Healthcare institutes can make use of the token to pay inventory providers. Donations and Philanthropic payments to hospitals and healthcare institutes can also be made using the HHEM cryptocurrency token.

Benefits of the Healthureum Healthcare Management System

Healthureum’s platform allows the users to get better healthcare facilities

  • Instant video consultancies: Patients who need a video consultancy because of a busy schedule or because of them being away can easily get it arranged and paid for using the HHEM tokens and the healthureum network
  • Inventory Management: Another function of the day to day healthcare management systems that will be eased out and automated with the arrival of Healthureum would be that of inventory management. As inventories go low, the system will automatically order them and re-fill them. This removes middle-men from the transactions and ensures quality is maintained. Payments for inventory would automatically be made using the HHEM tokens.
  • Managing Data: Medical data is often one which needs to be maintained with privacy. However, sometimes it gets lost or distorted leading to problems with procedures. A blockchain based storage system that Healthureum provides is the perfect solution for managing data!

More information on the Healthureum blockchain platform and healthcare management system can be gained at

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