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The discussion as to whether Ripple (XRP) is a security or not has been looming over the minds of all crypto-traders and investors for a few months now. The SEC has yet to give direction with respect to the remittance coin in a manner similar to how it stated Ethereum (ETH) was not a security. This statement by the SEC about ETH even prompted the early listing of Ethereum Classic (ETC) on Coinbase.

It is, therefore, safe to conclude that Coinbase is warming up to the SEC ways of doing things for they know that there is a wave of investing that is coming. This wave of investing will be away from the traditional stocks to the world of digital assets. This new world of investing will still be regulated by the SEC and Coinbase wants to be bosom buddies with the authority.

So what if Ripple is declared a security?

The first thing that will happen, is a total dump of the coin in the crypto-markets. It will spiral out of control worse than the meteorite that supposedly killed off the dinosaurs. There will be a lot of comments and disgruntled XRP HODLers. They will reiterate Brad Garlinghouse’s statements that XRP is a separate entity from the parent company and that it was not even made by Ripple. XRP was given to the company by the creator of the coin so it can be a utility coin on the Ripple Network.

But they should not be disgruntled.

The way I see it, Wallstreet has been begging for a Ripple IPO since last December. They were like the proverbial cat that wants to get a hold of the goldfish in the bowl. When XRP is declared a security, they will have a party. This party will be because XRP can now be regulated by the SEC and listed on the numerous traditional trading platforms in Hong Kong, Chicago, London, Sydney, New York, just to name a few.

These trading platforms that never sleep, is where XRP will meet the trillions of dollars that want to invest in the newly declared security.  There is currently 39.3 Billion XRP with a market capitalization of around $20 Billion. This market cap will surely do gains by probably ten times and more and eventually hit the one trillion market capitalization.

Anyone who did not dump their XRP with the news that it is a security will reap the rewards of being a HODLer but in the regulated world of securities. Of course, they will be taxed for cashing out, but with XRP having a $1 Trillion market cap, this means that XRP will be valued at around $25 dollars. Even if the IRS takes 50% of this, you are left still with a handsome profit larger than the anticipated $10 per XRP.

In conclusion, whether XRP is declared a security or not, has no long-term adverse effect on the digital asset. If it is not declared a security, it will probably get listed on Coinbase and it will skyrocket. If it is listed as a security, Wallstreet will have a party on its behalf at the expense of the disgruntled XRP fans. But the anger by XRP HODLers will be short lived for XRP will still skyrocket in the traditional markets of securities. Therefore, both options are a win and XRP will still take over the world of investing.

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